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Consumers have been turning to the frozen food category in their droves in recent months, as they’ve been enjoying its unique convenient, healthy and long-lasting credentials. This has been good news for sales, writes Julia O’Reilly


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15 February 2021 | 0

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Many consumers have found themselves regularly gravitating towards the frozen aisle during the past year. And for good reason. For consumers seeking healthy, long-lasting, convenient foods at a good price, the category has plenty to offer. Indeed, frozen food has benefitted greatly from consumers looking to stretch the impact of their trip to the grocery store. In the early months of lockdown in particular, many consumers looked to stock up on long-expiry products. In fact, Nielsen data for the four-week period to 17 May 2020, showed sales within  frozen food surged by +35% to reach €19m.

Other shoppers meanwhile, who have been cooking at home more regularly throughout lockdown have been turning to the convenience of frozen food to get a healthy meal on the table in the evenings. With that in mind, outlined below are some of the most exciting products currently on offer in the category.

You’ve got the power

The Green Cuisine range has expanded over the last year to meet growing demand

2020 saw Birds Eye expand into plant-based foods with the launch of the Birds Eye Green Cuisine range of meat substitutes and veg foods. For 2021, Birds Eye Green Cuisine has added ‘Chicken-Free’ to its growing range.

A source of iron, fibre and protein, the Chicken-Free Dippers and Southern Fried Chicken-Free Strips are the perfect solution for flexitarian and vegan diets, as well as for those that want to reduce their meat-intake.

Demand for plant-based foods has increased throughout the pandemic, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability and health benefits of red meat reduction. Recognising this, the Green Cuisine range has also grown over the last year – it went from five SKUs in January 2020, to 12 and a long-term innovative pipeline in 2021.

Birds Eye’s ‘You’ve Got the Power’ campaign, which launched in January 2021, focuses on the plant-powered goodness of the Green Cuisine range and aims to continue to drive the awareness it began to spread with its ‘Whoops, I’m a Bit Veggie’ campaign in 2020. The 2021 Veganuary campaign running across January and February, consists of full integrated support through TV, online video, social, content partnerships, TV programming sponsorship, shopper and promotional support and will continue to run throughout the year.

Fresh start

By stocking freezers with frozen food by Green Isle, your shoppers can enjoy the convenience of always having nutritious, tasty vegetables and plant-based foods on hand.

New products in the range include:

  • Green Isle Cauliflower Bites (RRP: €4): Green Isle Cauliflower Bites are filled with cauliflower goodness, making it deliciously easy to enjoy as a snack, side dish or party appetiser. They are vegan friendly, low in sugar and contain no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, each 110g portion counts as one of your five a day.
  • Green Isle Cauliflower Fries (RRP: €4): Green Isle Cauliflower Fries are filled with cauliflower and potato, a delicious potato chip alternative to enjoy as a snack, side dish or party appetiser. Green Isle Cauliflower Fries are low in sugar, a source of fibre and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • Green Isle Cauliflower Rice (RRP: €3): A great low-calorie alternative to rice, potato, or pasta for healthy mealtimes across the week, Green Isle Cauliflower Rice includes two steam bags which contain two of your five-a-day. High in protein and a source of vitamin C, this cooks perfectly in three minutes.
  • Green Isle Asian Stir Fry (RRP €3): A delicious medley of carrot strips, water chestnut slices, cut baby corn, green beans, red pepper, red onion and Chinese mushrooms, the Green Isle Asian Stir Fry offers convenient, quality vegetable products that are simple to use, delicious and nutritious.

Green Isle vegetables are carefully selected, picked at their peak and frozen at their freshest to lock in vitamins, minerals, and flavour, containing all the nutrition of fresh vegetables.

Flavour punch

Vada Pow’s frozen vegan and vegetarian products can be eaten on their own, as a snack, or part of a main meal

Indian street food is so much more than just curry. That’s why Irish company Vada Pow was founded in 2016.

All Vada Pow’s products are produced in Ireland with ingredients sourced from Irish suppliers and promise food to feed both body and soul, with a punch of flavours and the knockout taste of India.

The tasty line-up comprises frozen vegan and vegetarian products that can be eaten on their own, as a snack or part of a main meal and are available in more than 200 Lidl stores nationwide and selected SuperValus in Dublin.

Vada Pow’s top picks include the Spiced Potato Cakes, Sweet Potato Burgers, Croquette Tikka Masala, and Mumbai Potato Pie. Its Bombay Style Street Food products cater to all dietary requirements, including those that are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

“We are the only company in Ireland producing Indian street food and very different to ‘stereotyped’ Indian products,” founder Naveen Bachani explains. “Indian street food caters to people’s curiosity and allows them to explore new foods.”

Gorgeous goodies

The Unislim Gorge Us range includes two vegan-friendly products, Rustic Cut Chips and Skinny Sweet Potato Fries.

The aim of the Gorge Us range is to offer a healthy, delicious, wholesome and great-tasting option for vegans and health-conscious foodies alike.

Products in the Gorge Us range are vegan, gluten free, low in saturated fats, contain no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings and have been approved by Ireland’s top dieticians.

A family run, Irish-owned company, Unislim is Ireland’s leading slimming and healthy lifestyle club. It offers members a personalised and effective weight loss plan, which encourages them to make healthier food choices. Visit for more information.



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