CSNA warns of need to be vigilant against fraud on card terminals

Always remain vigilant in preventing unauthorised access (remotely or in person) by people pretending to be carrying out “necessary updates/repairs”



4 May 2021

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The Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association is drawing retailers’ attention to the need to be on guard against fraud. The association was present at two meetings in the past week where instances of significant frauds perpetrated against merchants were outlined

At a Central Bank briefing on the future of retail payments, evidence was provided of the presence of international gangs targeting weaknesses in card systems and made reference to the importance of ensuring that retailers with credit card terminals (whether stand-alone or integrated) are vigilant in preventing unauthorised access (remotely or in person) by people pretending to be carrying out “necessary updates/repairs”. Allowing someone interface with the card terminal can be extremely costly for YOU as a retailer, because if it is subsequently discovered that your actions/inactions caused losses to cardholders, you may be found liable to make good those losses.

The CSNA subsequently advises retailers to check (and double-check) the authorisation and legitimacy of all people seeking access behind the counter and to your payment systems.

“No matter how regularly staff are instructed on policies, we continue to hear of members suffering significant losses at the hands of scammers and fraudsters,” says CSNA CEO Vincent Jennings. “Most recently was the instance of a criminal gang having intercepted an invoice from a supplier and made contact with the accounts payable section of the business advising the account had been changed and that all payments, commencing with the one due (that they quoted) should be to the new bank account.

“It only takes one minute to telephone the supplier to seek written confirmation rather than relying on an unsolicited contact, one minute that can save thousands of YOUR money.”



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