CSNA to assist Bord Fáilte in devising indoor dining guidelines

During the first two weeks of major restrictions easing (including indoor dining re-opening), approximately 700,000 people used their Covid-19 Digital Certs to dine indoors or fly

CSNA part of group that will be "working out the most efficient way" to implement new indoor dining protocols



20 July 2021 | 0

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Following a meeting of the Retail Forum last week, it has been agreed that a number of representative groups including the Convenience Stores & Newsagents Association (CSNA) will assist Bord Failte in devising guidelines on the implementation of protocols for accepting customers wishing to avail of indoor dining.

“Many members will be reluctant to operate what is acknowledged to be a discriminatory system, primarily because they do not wish to be the subject of further invective and bile from that small but noisy section of society that have consistently caused a disproportionate level of disruption within our stores,” said CSNA chief executive Vincent Jennings.

“Nevertheless, the newly approved act makes such distinction legal and as such, the State are indemnifying indoor operators against legal challenges,” Jennings added.

The CSNA added that it “will be working out the most efficient way to manage the points of interaction, given the very real differences there are between a pub, a sit-down restaurant and a convenience store with limited seating”.

“We will be working towards solutions that enhance, rather than detract, the overall customer safety experience, at all times conscious that such solutions cannot be delivered without due regard to cost and practicality,” Jennings said.



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