CSNA seeks to have convenience sector heard on indoor dining

During the first two weeks of major restrictions easing (including indoor dining re-opening), approximately 700,000 people used their Covid-19 Digital Certs to dine indoors or fly

Minister Damien English agrees to meet affected businesses



6 July 2021

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With over 400 members directly affected by the deferral of opening indoor dining, the Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) is calling the government’s attention to the retailers’ interests in the convenience and forecourt sector, and pointing out their differences in this regard to other business models.

Speaking on the deferral, Vincent Jennings, CSNA CEO said: “CSNA have no wish to becoming embroiled in arguments on whether the delay is or is not warranted. Our concern relates to ensuring that our interests are heard, as the representatives of hospitality (restaurants, vintners and hotels) have different business models and are perhaps viewed as problematic due to the consumption of alcohol served on their premises.

“Our concerns are based on the fact that throughput and dwell-time in our seated areas are significantly different to the average time spent in hospitality outlets,” Jennings added.

“We do not want to have potentially problematic administrative requirements such as demanding vaccination certificates from our customers, particularly in light of our experience of policing face coverings.”

While Jennings pointed out that the CSNA and its members will “obviously accede to all public health directions,” he added that the government needed “to ensure that the difference between indoor seating in outlets that do not serve alcohol and those that do are fully appreciated and properly accommodated”.

After representation from CSNA, it has been confirmed that Minister Damien English has agreed to meet with the affected businesses.



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