CSNA launches ‘Be Kind’ campaign

The CSNA has created a new poster campaign to ensure that retailers and their staff are treated fairly and kindly by members of the public

During the four-month transition period for Ireland's Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), the CSNA is encouraging customers to extend kindness to all retail professionals



21 February 2024

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Following the launch of the Deposit Return Scheme, the Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) has launched a ‘Be Kind’ campaign, specifically designed to support retail workers. Over the four-month transition period, we kindly encourage customers to extend kindness to all retail professionals.

The association has designed a poster exclusively for members, available for download, print and display in your store. Additionally, the CSNA has crafted engaging social media images for sharing across your platforms. Feel free to use these marketing resources to help support your staff and back up the campaign with an online presence with these resources. Download the poster and share the images on your social media channels to maximise visibility of the campaign. If you would like to tag the CSNA, we will like and share your posts.

Facebook: @CSNAIre

Instagram: @csna_ireland

X: @CSNA_Ireland

Linkedln: @CSNA

Speaking on the newly launched campaign, CSNA CEO Vincent Jennings commented: “We want to ensure that our members and their staff are treated fairly and kindly by their customers and members of the public. We understand that there will be some instances that customers become frustrated, but we would like to remind them to ‘Be Kind’ to our staff as this is a new initiative for us all.”

The CSNA wishes to emphasize to all its members the importance of registering for the Deposit Return Scheme. Should any member encounter issues during the registration process, feel free to reach out to Laura at the CSNA office by dialling 045-535050. Your smooth registration experience is the association’s priority.

Visit the CSNA website to download the poster and social media images.



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