CSNA and The Sunday World initiate anti-theft campaign

The sticker that will be available to CSNA members to put in shops to deter shoplifting
The sticker that will be available to CSNA members to put in shops to deter shoplifting

22 July 2011

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The Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association has teamed up with The Sunday World to try to curb the growing problem of shoplifting in stores.  

Stickers stating, “Beware shoplifters. You will be prosecuted and published” will be provided for retailers to place in store. If a retailer is the victim of shoplifting, they can go to The Sunday World wih their story and the newspaper has promised to publish the information in order to identify the culprits.

It is hoped that the name and shame campaign will deter prospective and opportunist thieves due to the fear of being published in a national paper.  

Darren Cosgrave, circulation manager with The Sunday World said that in the past the paper had printed eight stories on shoplifting and six of these cases had been solved as a result of the coverage.  

“Shoplifting is a massive problem in Ireland and it’s time that something was done about it,” he said.

“We want to help retailers as much as they help us. They are our bread and butter. Last year we published eight articles about shop- lifting and six were solved.”

Cosgrave said that the idea for this campaign came from one particular story that was printed in The Sunday World that helped to catch a shoplifter. “A retailer in Dundrum had lost €800 worth of stock and the gardai in Dundrum could not identify the thieves from CCTV. When The Sunday World printed the story with a picture, the gardai in Ballymum picked up on it and were able to identify those involved.”

He explained that there were a few different stickers available and one in particular that could be placed in blind spots in shops. “Even if we could cut 5% of shoplifting it would make a difference to retailers.”

The anti-shoplifting campaign will kick off at the beginning of August.



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