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Kellogg’s popular cereal bars have less than 85 calories per bar and 17% of RDA for six essential B vitamins, iron and calcium
Kellogg’s popular cereal bars have less than 85 calories per bar and 17% of RDA for six essential B vitamins, iron and calcium

The ‘back to school’ period marks a prime opportunity for retailers, with 16% of their annual business going through their tills at this time.


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18 August 2009

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Recession-hit consumers are planning ahead more, with the lunchbox occasion seeing significant growth, for adults and children alike, states TNS Worldpanel.

Research by Just Kids Inc also shows 86% of respondents ranked ‘healthy and nutritious’ as the most important attribute of an ideal children’s food. However, 96% admitted to being influenced by their children or taking their preferences into account. Healthy foods with a fun element that appeals to kids will therefore drive sales.

Stationery is another profitable category at this time. BIC (UK) marketing manager Emma Lawley says that while most consumers see the high street/multiples as the main destination for back to school, the convenience sector can “capitalise on last-minute, emergency purchases, or on the products consumers can’t get from the major multiples."

Rice KrispiesSchool’s sorted

The challenge of finding a lunchbox treat that ticks all the boxes for parents and satisfies the school’s healthy lunchbox policy can be difficult. Cereal snacks can provide a convenient solution with the great taste that kids enjoy, while keeping mum happy. Kellogg’s most popular lunchbox treats include Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Cereal and Milk bar and Kellogg’s Coco Pops Cereal and Milk bar, which contain less than 85 calories per bar, as well as 17% of the recommended daily amount for six essential B vitamins, iron and calcium.

According to Claire McFerran, Kellogg’s back to school campaign manager: “Research shows that back to school shopping plans begin three weeks prior to the end of the summer holidays and continue into early September. With children starting to return to school in the week commencing 24 August, it’s vital to have the right displays in store for both cereal and cereal snacks to capitalise on this big profit opportunity.”

Kellogg’s is set to launch a massive through-the-line consumer campaign, entitled ‘Kellogg’s Sorted 4 School’. Running through August and September, ‘Kellogg’s Sorted 4 School’ will consist of TV, radio and outdoor advertising, in-store POS and a substantial trade promotional plan that aims to deliver added-value on the core range of Kellogg’s cereals and snack bars.
‘Kellogg’s Sorted 4 School’ is no doubt set to deliver big growth opportunities on the profitable Kellogg’s cereal snack favourites. For more information on ‘Sorted 4 School’ contact the Kellogg’s account team.

Say cheese

Avonmore Cheese is a long-standing family favourite among Irish consumers and is convenient for everyday usage occasions for all the family. Consumers can choose from sliced and grated in a wide range of variants. Avonmore Cheese Slices taste great in sandwiches for school lunchboxes, on ciabattas at work, or melted in toasties in the evening.

Avonmore Grated continues to be the number one branded player in the grated natural cheese market ( MAT Nielsen June 2009). Avonmore Grated packs are ideal for pasta dishes, baked potatoes, salads or sandwiches. All packs include recipe ideas so rustling up a healthy nutritious meal for all the family is easy with Avonmore cheese.

All SKUs in the Avonmore range are re-sealable for convenience and freshness.

The fillet of cheddar

Kilmeaden is the nation’s favourite natural cheddar block and is the number one branded player in the grocery market (Nielsen Data June 2009). It is renowned for its superior quality and unique taste, thanks to the craftsmanship and care that goes into every block. Through a process of maturation guided by a love of producing the finest Irish cheese, Kilmeaden is ideal for consumers looking for a cheddar with award-winning taste and convenience.

The nation’s most popular cheddar block is also available in convenience Hand Cut Slices and Grated formats, cut straight from the block. Kilmeaden Grated Cheddar has a firm texture with an aromatic, rich and distinctive flavour, making it ideal for enhancing pasta dishes, freshly baked potatoes and everyday dishes. Kilmeaden Hand Cut Slices are cut straight from the block and are ideal for sandwiches, as lunchbox snacks, part of a cheese board or on their own.

Lunchbox solution all zipped up

Mini Babybel is an instantly recognisable brand with its distinctive red waxy jacket. Its novel ‘zipper’ opening makes it a fun cheese to be enjoyed at any time. Mini Babybel has all the natural flavour and nutritional goodness of real cheese making it a perfect lunchbox snack solution. Mini Babybel Original is sold in nets of six and 12, and the Light and Cheddar varieties are sold in nets of six. Mini Babybel is supported by ongoing TV advertising as well as strong trade promotions.

Snap, heat and eat

Heinz Snap Pots are ideal for consumers who seek an even quicker way to enjoy the iconic Heinz Baked Beanz and Spaghetti Hoops snacks. Both Heinz Baked Beanz and Spaghetti Hoops are available in the innovative Snap Pot format, with each Snap Pot pack offering four individual 200g portions that are ready from the microwave in just one minute, making them ideal for busy families and lunch and snack occasions both at home and at work. In addition, because Heinz Snap Pots can be popped directly into the microwave, there is no need to wait by the hob or add to the washing-up.

King of the mill

The Kingsmill snacks range includes Love To Toast crumpets, muffins, pancakes and hot cross buns. Kingsmill Rolls are available in Great Everyday, 50/50 and Tasty Wholemeal variants and provide consumers with a perfect alternative to sliced bread. Kingsmill rolls are also ideal for children as they hold the filling better than sandwiches.

Kingsmill recently launched the new Kingsmill 50/50 Sliced Rolls in a 12-pack, which offer consumer’s re-sealable packaging along with a ‘less mess’ roll. The rolls require minimal preparation time and deliver on health, providing consumers with 40% of their daily wholegrain in just one roll. Kingsmill 50/50 Sliced Rolls are ideally positioned to target busy parents for lunchtime and out-of-home occasions. The launch of Kingsmill 50/50 Sliced Rolls in a 12-pack is set to help drive the bread rolls category, tapping into the key lunchtime and out of home occasions by offering consumers a unique combination of taste, health, value-for-money and above all, convenience.

Kingsmill 50/50 is unique in the healthier white bread segment as it is the only white bread brand that provides half of consumer’s daily wholegrain in two slices. Kingsmill 50/50 not only has the benefits of wholegrain, it also has the great white bread taste that kids love, making it an easy way for parents to get goodness into their children.

Kingsmill 50/50 is worth £53.4 million growing at a rate of 22.1% year-on-year (Nielsen MAT WE 16.05.09). Kingsmill 50/50 is also available in 50/50 with Omega-3.

Kingsmill’s rolls are currently worth £17.3 million, and Kingsmill’s snacks are currently worth £18 million, growing at a rate of 134% year-on-year (Nielsen MAT WE 16.05.09).

A firm squeeze

Sqeez, the number one Irish-made juice brand, with pure orange and pure apple juice, is available in a number of pack formats.

Sqeez is delighted to announce its partnership with The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ireland, which grants wishes for special children living with life-threatening illnesses.  Special packs promoting the foundation will be available from September.
This autumn will also see value offers on many packs, including an additional 25% extra free on all 200ml Sqeez packs. For more information visit

Top for kids

Tipperary Kidz is a healthy lunchbox filler in convenient pack sizes, from seven-time gold medal winning Tipperary Natural Mineral Water offers.    

Launched in 2003 and available in standard 10 packs or single 250ml bottles, Tipperary Kidz continues to lead the way in the kid’s water category, investing in TV advertising and a  new innovative bottle design in 2009.  With the launch of the 15 for 10 pack earlier this year, Tipperary Kidz will continue to be the water of choice for Ireland’s Kids. Tipperary Kidz have also recently launched the new flip top cap, which is more environmentally friendly and ideal for little hands.  

Tipperary Natural Mineral Water is bottled at source and this remarkably pure water is pumped from a single bore hole of 100 metres in depth.  Devonian sandstone rock covers the source affording the highest degree of filtration and protection.  The brand claims Tipperary Kidz is the ideal choice for parents who want a quality Irish water for their children.

Oh so Pritt-y

Henkel launched the world’s first glue stick in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1969, and 40 years later a Pritt Stick is purchased almost every second of the day; a testament to the brand’s popularity amongst children and adults.
In 1967, Henkel researcher Dr Wolfgang Dierichs was inspired by a woman applying lipstick on an aeroplane. Based on the very same principle and technology, he set about creating the world’s first paper glue in the same format, making gluing as simple as applying lipstick.

Prior to its launch, the glue market was dominated by liquid glue that was messy and awkward to use. Not only did Pritt solve this problem by being the very first solid glue, but it was also more compact, cleaner and quicker to use. Originally advertised as ‘the non-sticky sticky stuff’, the user-friendly, twist-up tubes quickly found their way into the hands of children and adults across the country and quickly became a part of everyday life.

Since Dr Wolfgang Dierich’s invention, more than 2.5 billion Pritt Sticks have been manufactured, enough glue to leave a trail of adhesive up to Mars and back. Every year, over 130 million Pritt Sticks are sold around the globe as the glue continues to grow in popularity. The brand was even the first to be awarded a ‘Space Proof Quality’ certificate when it was used at the International Space Station (ISS) in 2001.

The super brand has become such an integral part of everyday life that, in many cases, ‘Pritt Stick’ directly replaces the word ‘glue’ in conversation. Safe, solvent-free and made from natural resources, including sugar as a core ingredient, Pritt Sticks have always been immensely popular with children and have become a hit in office culture too.

However, time doesn’t stand still and neither will Pritt; its products will become stronger, faster, safer and more colourful as time goes on, which is why it will always be the nation’s favourite glue.



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