Cono Sur back on TV screens

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Having just launched its sparkling wine on the Irish market, Cono Sur makes a return to TV screens across the country



9 December 2008

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The world’s first winery to achieve carbon neutral delivery status and the fastest growing Chilean brand in the Irish market is back on TV screens this month. Cono Sur’s latest television campaign further demonstrates its commitment to the Irish market and the investment behind the brand.

The ad flicks between a variety of faces before the words “No family trees, no dusty bottles, just quality wines” appears on screen, followed by “Cono Sur, only for everyone”. The ad is designed to communicate the innovative and fresh new world thinking at Cono Sur which has such broad appeal among wine consumers.

Rosemary Lyster, marketing manager FindlaterGrants, comments: “This is a wine that is setting standards in so many areas of winemaking and is one of the most forward thinking brands in the industry. The ad is typical of the brand in that it is breaking down barriers and re-evaluating how things should be done and I think the Irish consumer respects that.”



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