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In a crowded marketplace, an inspirational story that communicates your brand’s core values is essential. Read on to find out more about which PR agency is the best fit for you


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26 August 2022 | 0

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Combining proven public relations strategies with retail marketing can help brands improve customer engagement and increase sales in the long run. From learning how to position themselves in their local community, to leveraging social media to gain access to new markets, these agencies are there to help their clients find success.

While reliable PR and marketing are essential to help a brand achieve its goals, what’s all the more vital is that a brand align themselves with an agency that best fits their unique approach and philosophy. Here, we dive into the dynamic sector, shining a light on the reputable and knowledgeable organisations operating today.

Hunter Communications

Fact file

Established: 2009

Contact name: Lynn Hunter

Phone: 01-9056350



Social media: TikTok @huntercomms

Client list: Tayto Snacks – Tayto, Tayto Occasions, Popchips, O’Donnells, KP Nuts; Boyne Valley – Boyne Valley Honey, Lakeshore, Greenaware, Killeen, McDonnells Curry Sauce, Bonne Maman; Musgrave – Frank and Honest; Musgrave Future Brands – Caramico, Box Burger, Happy Pear; Golden Bake; Moonpig; Whiteclaw

Q&A with…Lynn Hunter, founder, Hunter Communications

Lynn Hunter

Q: In the past year, how has your company demonstrated your expertise in enabling FMCG brands to get their message across to their target audience?

A: Our comprehensive PR plan now will nearly always include digital content creation, and we are always ahead of the curve in this area. We work in tandem with our sister agency The Collaborations Agency to create compelling digital campaigns that speak directly to our brands target audience. We sit with our clients and really listen to what their aims and objectives are for each campaign and tailor a unique plan for each project.

We don’t just create content for the sake of it, we’re always thinking of the viewer and what it brings to them – aiming for ‘use’ and ‘joy’. Is this content useful, and does it put a smile on their face? We also ensure we’re hitting all platforms, TikTok can’t be ignored, and we work with some amazing creators that have really made that space their own, creating incredible content for our brands.

We’re also experts at pairing the brands with the right creator for their audience. There’s a science to it, and it isn’t just a numbers game. We look at the whole picture, working with creators who have engaged communities that really buy into what they’re selling.

We pride ourselves on being our brands eyes and ears on the ground and make sure we meet their audiences where they are. In the last year we’ve worked with artists of the moment Fatti Burke and Hephee for Tayto, really tapping into the zeitgeist and bringing Tayto to their audiences, making Tayto relevant with a younger, clued-in audience.

Society PR

Fact file

Established: 2018

Contact name: Avila Lipsett

Phone: 0868180190



Social media: Instagram: wearesocietypr and Twitter: SocietyIreland

Client list: Clients include Mother Reusables, Abrakebabra, O’Brien’s Sandwich Cafes, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Bagel Factory, Lough Eske Castle, Titanic Hotel Belfast, Magee 1866, Thriftify, Redcastle Hotel, Dorian Restaurant, Fire Restaurant, Sole Seafood and Grill and CAYO womenswear.

Q&A with…Avila Lipsett, founder, Society PR

Avila Lipsett

Q: In the past year, how has your company demonstrated your expertise in enabling FMCG brands to get their message across to their target audience?

A: Society PR has worked with many brands in the FMCG space since launching four years ago. We get to know the brand and what the company really wants out of a PR campaign before we begin, and then we discuss realistic deliverables. The target PR must be aimed at the right demographic and Society PR believes in enhancing traditional PR campaigns with fun activations such as influencer engagement, celebrity photocalls and events to get the message out there. Creativity is a must in order to capture the public eye.

We design effective PR campaigns around what will get people talking about a new product. Society PR has helped launch many FMCG startups to the market in the past year, such as Mother Reusables, CAYO, Thriftify and Teeth Whitening Fairies, with curated brand building campaigns and profile building for the founders. The events part of PR took a beating in the pandemic, so we relied on traditional and digital media, as well as influencer engagement to build these brands and the outcomes were hugely successful.

Masonry PR

Fact file

Established: 2003

Contact name: Kathryn Mason

Phone: 01-9065331



Social media: @masonrydotie on all platforms

Client list: Powerscourt Distillery, Irish Podcast Awards, restaurants including Bresson and Crow Street, IMRO Radio Awards

Q&A with… Kathryn Mason, founder, Masonry PR

Q: In the past year, how has your company demonstrated your expertise in enabling FMCG brands to get their message across to their target audience?     

A: Our work particularly with Powerscourt Distillery has shown the move to widespread recognition. The profile raising and continual brand awareness has resulted in sales across its range.

Jailbird Communications

Fact file

Established: 2020

Contact name: Julie Blakeney

Phone: +353863420794



Social media: @hellojailbird

Client list: Hendrick’s, Tullamore D.E.W., Insomnia, Fulfil, Fleadh Cheoil, Other Voices, Ballet Ireland

Q&A with… Julie Blakeney, founder, Jailbird Communications

Julie Blakeney

Q: In the past year, how has your company demonstrated your expertise in enabling FMCG brands to get their message across to their target audience?

A: Jailbird is a communications company that delivers PR and social communications without faff or marketing jargon. Founded in 2020, the company offers clients hardworking, creative communications solutions with heart and passion behind its ideas. Jailbird’s mission is to work with partners to break free from boring marketing campaigns – using creativity and culture to solve business problems.

In a world where news and content is consumed across myriad diverse channels, developing content that is compelling, eye-catching and relevant is integral to making an impact. Jailbird has devised standout campaigns for top brands including Hendrick’s Gin, Insomnia Coffee and Tullamore D.E.W. with a ‘content first’ mindset, resulting in outstanding reach and engagement.

Elevate PR

Fact file

Established: 2001

Contact name: Claire Feely

Phone: 01 662 56 52



Social media: @ElevatePR, LinkedIn Elevate-PR

Client list: Retainer clients include Alpro, Bosch, Bumble, Charlotte Tilbury, Design and Crafts Council Ireland, Kildare Village, Lily O’Brien’s, Nokia, Regatta, Schweppes.

Q&A… Claire Feely, director of client services, Elevate PR

Claire Feely

Q: In the past year, how has your company demonstrated your expertise in enabling FMCG brands to get their message across to their target audience?

A: Over the past year, we have developed creative campaigns for FMCG brands including Alpro, Lily O’Brien’s and Schweppes. Each strategy focuses on connecting the brand to their tribe by launching new products in a creative way. For Alpro, we reached a toe-dipping plant-based audience for the launch of Alpro’s This is Not M*lk and My Cuppa through innovative media drops and influencer marketing. For Lily O’Brien’s the campaign connected with modern pacers through a brand ambassadorship, competitions, and a targeted press office. We work with Schweppes by supporting big-brand festival activations with influencer marketing and press outreach and media drops, as well as highlighting direct to consumer interactive events in bars across Ireland. We measure success through reach and media and influencer engagement, as well as traditional press coverage.

Burrell Marketing and Publicity

Fact file

Established: 1990

Contact name: Rebecca Burrell

Phone: 087 2239377/01 6761711



Social media: burrell_pr/ @BurrellPR

Client list: Grace O’Malley Spirits, J&J (Neutrogena/Aveeno/OGX), Procter and Gamble (fabric care), Tommy Hilfiger, Karen Millen, Oasis, Coast,, Pretty Little Thing, Oxendales/Simply Be, KLM/Air France, Eccles/Staunton’s/Number 31, Abundance and Health, Sculpture clinics.

Q&A with… Rebecca Burrell, MD, Burrell Marketing and Publicity

Rebecca Burrell

Q: In the past year, how has your company demonstrated your expertise in enabling FMCG brands to get their message across to their target audience?

A: As an agency who have built up solid relationships with relevant media/influencers in the Whiskey and gin arena, we have managed to secure on going coverage /engagement for the Grace O’Malley brands, targeting relevant consumers via editorial/social posts, and direct marketing.

One of the highlights was achieving a significant feature on RTÉ News, reporting on a stunning street art mural depicting Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen, including an interview with brand manager Heather Clancy on the reasoning behind the whiskey brand supporting the arts in Ireland.

Harris PR

Fact file

PR agency: Harris PR

Established: 2009

Contact name: Sonia Harris Pope

Phone: 087 7979703



Social media: @harris_pr on Instagram,,

Client list: AYA Supplements, Bunq, Capitalflow, Dingle Gin, Dingle Vodka, Dingle Whiskey, Domino’s, Gourmet Tart Co., Holland & Barrett,, Irish Haemochromatosis Association, Irish Heart Foundation, Kaliedy, Kärcher, My Expert Midwife, NUK, Porterhouse Brew Co., Púca Festival for Fáilte Ireland, Skin Sapiens, Uniphar, United Drug, Vital Baby, The Wicklow Escape.

Q&A with…Sonia Harris Pope, MD, Harris PR

Sonia Harris Pope

Q: In the past year, how has your company demonstrated your expertise in enabling FMCG brands to get their message across to their target audience?

A: Established 13 years ago, Harris PR is an Irish agency with over 60 years combined experience in marketing and publicising consumer, lifestyle and FMCG brands. We have helped dozens of brands, both domestic and international, connect with consumers and media in innovative ways to build brand awareness and generate sales.

Working with brands in the health & wellness, food & beverage, hospitality and parenting spaces, we are adept at advising both new and established brands on PR and social media strategies to deliver tangible, meaningful outcomes. From product launches to events, and influencer marketing to media relations we offer a full PR service.

Our approach is hands-on and results oriented and we take our role as brand and reputation custodians seriously. Our team of experts are always on hand as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams. We believe in working in close collaboration and building long term relationships for best results and thrive on responding to a meaty brief. With strong media and influencer relationships built up over many years and a proven track record of success, brands can be assured of a safe pair of hands and a creative approach.

It has been heartening to see so many brands investing strongly in PR over the last couple of years, notwithstanding the pandemic, as they clearly understand the important role that PR plays in the communications mix. In 2022 we’ve welcomed several new clients to the Harris PR stable and we look forward to telling their stories.


Established: 1984

Contact name: Maeve Governey

Phone: 01 661 3515



Social media: Instagram: @walshpr Twitter: @WalshPRireland

Client list: Flahavan’s, Mash Direct, Linwoods, Avonmore, Kepak, Kilmeaden, Bord Bia, as well as clients in health, NGO and sustainability sectors

Q&A with…Maeve Governey, deputy managing director and food PR strategist, Walsh:PR

Maeve Governey

Q: In the past year, how has your company demonstrated your expertise in enabling FMCG brands to get their message across to their target audience?

A: Central to our business, is the critical expertise we deliver for our FMCG clients is understanding their audiences, what’s important to them, what delights and challenges them and how our client’s brand can make a difference to their lives.

We passionately believe in telling the story of our food clients’ businesses through the media and other channels to build connections with consumers, communities and retailers. We give the target audience a reason to believe in the client’s product over a competitor.

Working with well-targeted social influencers delivers positive impacts for food brands. It’s an ongoing process – no jumping on the influencer bandwagon – we continually review new influencers to assess the right fit for our clients and we build solid relationships with them to achieve strong deliverables for our clients.

We are on top of current trends around content delivery. For example, well-executed recipe development drives serious engagement for an ingredient brand. The style of the photography or video creates that ASMR “I want to see that again” level of engagement.

Brand trust is huge and increasingly built on social media content delivered but also crucially through community management.

Understanding where audiences are on their journey in life and where the world is economically and socially ensures we respond appropriately in a way that is insightful and helpful.

We may be on the right side of the pandemic but there are lots of challenges ahead for Irish consumers. Delivering that reason to believe has never been more important.




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