Coeliac Society of Ireland to host virtual Gluten Free Living Show

Sponsored by Tesco Ireland, the event will showcase how to live and thrive on a gluten free diet



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2 November 2021

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The Coeliac Society of Ireland has announced that this year’s Gluten Free Living Show, supported by Tesco Ireland, will be held virtually 8-12 November.

The event will showcase how to live and thrive on a gluten free diet. In addition to talks that cover subjects such as ‘Am I Coeliac?’, ‘Just Diagnosed’, ‘Gluten and Skin Disorders’,  and ‘Claiming your Tax Back’, there will also be cooking demonstrations, dietetic clinics, a fun Zumba session, and much more.

To coincide with the show, the society has announced the introduction of a Skillnet approved training programme and certification for all restaurants and cafes that have gluten free options on their menus. Even the smallest amount of cross contamination in the food preparation or cooking process can have serious consequences for coeliacs and those that are severely gluten intolerant.

“Restaurants and cafes that complete the course will learn about the importance of understanding the impact that consuming gluten can have on many of their customers, about the disease itself, and how to prepare and cook food safely for people who need to live gluten free,” said Coeliac Society of Ireland CEO Gill Brennan. “On completion they will receive a certification that will provide assurance, to the nearly 50,000 people with coeliac disease in Ireland, and 450,000 others who are gluten intolerant, that their establishment has reached a standard that they can be confident in.

“The Gluten Free Living Show and the introduction of this new programme are all about creating awareness of coeliac disease and the prevalence of gluten intolerance. Tens of thousands of undiagnosed adults and children are unknowingly suffering from these conditions in Ireland today – and they don’t need to.

“The Coeliac Society can provide information and advice to help them live and thrive gluten free. The Gluten Free Living Show is the perfect place to start, and we welcome everyone who is interested in finding out more to come and join us at the show.”

As part of the Gluten free living show week the Coeliac Society will also open the doors of their new office and specialist gluten free pop up shop in Clondalkin, Dublin 10 November. Those interested in finding out more about coeliac disease and gluten intolerance are invited to visit or drop by at any time. Register for the Gluten free living show at



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