Codentify, a new trace and track system

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Brian Lee, Technical Chair from the Digital Coding and Tracking Association presented on a new digital technology called 'Codentify'



15 November 2013

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The Digital Coding and Tracking Association are a formal association, registered in Zurich. Membership is open to any manufacturer of excisable products that is actively seeking to reduce illicit trade. Currently their members include Japan Tobacco International, Imperial tobacco, British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International.

The DCTA develop and promote global standards and cost effective supporting technology solutions for Digital Tax Verification (DTV), Authenication and Track and Tracr (T&T) to meet the requirements of the AIT Protocol of the FCTC. The association has developed new tracking software called Codentify which is an integrated solution for tackling illicit trade. Codentify is operating in over 50 countries worldwide. EU anti-illicit trade agreements.






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