Circle K launches new loyalty programme 

The ‘Extra’ programme rewards members with savings on fuel every time they fill up



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28 May 2024

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According to new research by Circle K, 56% of the public feel they have a more productive day if they spend an extra five minutes in bed.

The new Circle K research into what the public most feel like they want that bit extra of, finds that 37% admit that they want extra but have also been described in certain situations as being a bit ‘extra’ themselves. Extra or not, many people love being recognised by retailers for being loyal, and 70% are likely to spend more with a retailer that rewards them for it.

Circle K Extra 

Circle K has launched Ireland’s newest customer loyalty programme, Extra, rewarding members with savings on fuel every time they fill up. Circle K Extra replaces Play or Park and offers customers even more rewards and special offers than before.

To start getting extra at Circle K, people need to download the Circle K app on either the App Store or Google Play. 

From now until 31 July, Circle K has a special offer in place for people who sign up and all members of Extra will save 3c off every purchase of fuel, after which a tiered programme of offers will come into effect. 

Boosting moods

Findings from the Circle K research reveals when it comes to what boosts people’s mood most, exercising (48%), drinking tea or coffee (46%), and eating their favourite snack (45%) are the little things that are particularly effective. Going the extra mile when it comes to gifting is also the popular choice for 54% who prefer to give gift cards as presents, safe in the knowledge that someone will get exactly what they want.

In other situations, such as an act of random kindness or making a meal, the research also reveals that more people prefer to give extra, rather than receive it. More than half (55%) feel happier rewarding people with an extra act of kindness and 40% prefer cooking a loved one an extra meal over receiving one.

Stamps are available to members on several brands and services, which means when people redeem a stamp with each purchase within the stamp offer, they get the seventh purchase free.

The products and services included in the stamp offer are:

  • Dispensed beverages (which include Circle K tea, hot and iced coffee, and K-Freeze)
  • Car wash
  • Cold drinks
  • Sandwiches, wraps and rolls

Special offers will be updated regularly, and if Circle K Extra members opt in for updates, they will receive notifications of new offers as they go live.

How does Circle K Extra work?

The most common reasons why people are put off signing up to a loyalty programme is that the rewards earned are not strong enough (44%), the process of earning rewards is too complex (29%) and signing up is too difficult (28%). Circle K Extra has been designed to make the registration, as well as the rewards earning process easier, and the rewards themselves strong for customers, by specifically tailoring the rewards to their favourite products and services in store.

From 31 July, Circle K Extra members will be divided into three levels (Level 1, 2 and 3), determined by how often and how much they spend on fuel at a Circle K. A card will be generated on the Circle K app for each member that shows their level, and members will be automatically moved up if they hit the specific spending threshold of that level over a period of 90 days. Levelling up is simple, and the higher the member’s level, the more access they have to more special offers and discounts. Level 1 members get 1c off a litre of fuel with every purchase, Level 2 members get 2c and Level 3, 3c.

Ciara Foxton, managing director, Circle K Ireland, said: ‘For several years we have been developing a loyalty programme to give our valued and loyal customers what they want, and to make their lives a little easier. We are proud to launch it today and give customers exactly what the name of the programme suggests – extra savings on fuel, as well as special offers on our customers most loved products and services.

By taking just a few minutes to register, customers unlock immediate rewards, and can also avail of a special launch offer with a fuel discount of 3c off every litre of fuel until July 31st. We are looking forward to welcoming both existing and new customers into Extra from today and rewarding them into the future.’

To download the Circle K Extra app, click here.

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