Centra raises bar with new healthy food initiative – Centra Live Well

Pippa O Connor and Henry Shefflin at the launch of Centra's Live Well initiative last summer
Pippa O Connor and Henry Shefflin at the launch of Centra's Live Well initiative last summer

Centra is offering a range of more than 300 healthy products to help customers choose nutritious options on-the-go and throughout the day



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9 July 2015

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Centra announced today that it is launching a major new initiative – Centra Live Well.

The symbol group says the programme will redefine everyday convenience retailing in Ireland by providing shoppers with choices and information about healthy and nutritious food.

Under the new Live Well banner, Centra is offering shoppers healthy choices across a range of 300 plus products. In addition Centra will provide health and nutrition information in-store and on its extensive digital and social channels which will educate, inspire and ultimately encourage shoppers to make that healthier choice. The Centra Live Well initiative will also be encouraging people to add activity to their daily routine through walking initiatives and involvement in Centra’s GAA community events.

Centra worked with Sarah Keogh, consultant dietician with Eatwell.ie and a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute to help define the range and highlight foods with nutritional benefits.

New nutritious options


To encourage shoppers to make a healthier choice throughout a Centra store, there will be very clear Live Well options

For example, at breakfast time Centra has a choice of porridge or scrambled egg instead of the breakfast roll. At lunchtime customers can swap spicy wedges for a chicken and wholegrain salad. For snacks, the range offers fruit pots, health bars and nut options, and fresh stir-frys for the dinner occasion.

More space has been created in-store for water and other healthier impulse drinks, resulting in a 27% reduction in calories across the entire range. Other new products include kale, pomegranate, tahini paste and quinoa.

Encouraging exercise

Centra Live Well is also encouraging customers to get more active. As part of Centra’s GAA Hurling Championship sponsorship, this summer over 4,000 children throughout the country will take part in hurling camps.  These camps are supported by some of the game’s biggest stars including Centra ambassador Henry Shefflin. Local retailers will be driving community initiatives to encourage people to get walking by participating in Centra walking clubs.  At a national level Centra will be encouraging people to walk as part of their ongoing support for Action Breast Cancer.

Speaking about the launch Ray Kelly, marketing director at Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland said that Live Well is Centra’s response to shopper preferences and tastes, whereby people lead “increasingly busy lives” but are more aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle than ever and therefore want nutritious, convenient options throughout the day. The initiative also aims to “positively impact” on health issues facing the nation, that are related to the food we eat; from obesity to heart disease.



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