Celebrate National Porridge Week with Boyne Valley Honey

The Boyne Valley range has been produced in Mell for generations
The Boyne Valley range has been produced in Mell for generations

It's national porridge week, when consumers across the land are reminded of its magical powers in kick starting those cold winter mornings. And it's made even better with a dash of Boyne Vallye Honey.


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16 October 2018

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Since 1960 Boyne Valley has brought the sunshine goodness of natural honey to Irish families

The temperature is dropping almost daily (despite the occiasional bouts of beautiful autumn sunshine), and at this time of year it’s roundly known the best way to start the day is with a bowl of wholesome, hearty porridge. Making those mornings a little sweeter is the perfect porridge partner: Boyne Valley Honey, a staple of Irish cupboards since 1960.

A family-owned Irish business, for generations Boyne Valley has been in operation in the town of Mell, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Honey is synonymous with Mell, which takes its name from the Irish word for honey – mil. The Boyne Valley Honey Company is situated close to the site of Old Mellifont Abbey, which takes its name from Fons Mellis – The Fountain of Honey. The area is steeped in honey history as the Fons Mellis was the first Cistercian Monastery in Ireland founded by St. Malachy in 1142, and the monks at Mellifont were renowned beekeepers. In keeping with this tradition, Boyne Valley Honey still offers the finest honey in Ireland for Irish families to enjoy for generations to come.

Drizzle a little over your morning oats for a healthy way to sweeten up your day!

With three honey varities in the range, there’s a Boyne Valley honey to suit your needs:

Classic Honey (250g €2.85)

Classic Boyne Valley classic honey is Ireland’s number one. Delicious and easy to use it’s the perfect everyday honey. Whether you choose the glass jar or love the convenience of a squeezy bottle you no doubt have tasted this firm favourite.

Raw Honey (340g, RRP €4.99)

Raw Honey is deliciously thick, retaining all its natural goodness. As it’s gently filtered, raw honey is as close to honey straight from the hive you can get. Each jar will vary in colour and consitency, and you can look forward to an intense honey taste!

Manuka Honey (100/250, €10.99/€14.99)

All Boyne Valley Manuka Honey is sourced and rigorously verified in independent laboratory testing to ensure there’s nothing but 100% New Zealand honey produced by bees who feed on the pollen of the Manuka Bush in every jar, making sure you get all the antibacterial benefits. Available in 100+ & 250+.



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