Casual Dining Workshops offered, to keep up with consumer demand

Martin Food Equipment's food workshops are essential for any store
Martin Food Equipment's food workshops are essential for any store

With healthy Mediterranean style menus are all-the-buzz at present, Martin Food Equipment is showcasing a range of Italian-inspired food menu items


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5 October 2017

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Healthy Mediterranean style menus are all-the-buzz at present.

Martin Food Equipment has joined forces with a host of Ireland’s best food suppliers, to create a range of Italian-inspired food menu items, including that all-important healthy angle.

The items were showcased at a special workshop hosted by Martin last month, with further two-day events planned for October and November.

Utems showcased at the workshop included Italian style pizza, which was prepared using fresh pizza ingredients supplied by Crust and Crumb in Fermanagh. The slim-based Neapolitan style pizza, was adorned with delicious tomato, mascarpone cheese, fresh pesto, amazing charcuterie and buffalo mozzarella, was cooked from fresh in a remarkable 1m 30s, using the TurboChef conveyor oven.

“Pizza has never tasted so good,” said Frank Doonan, Managing Director of Martin Food Equipment.

Also showcased was a Chopped Salad Station, which was showcased in repsonse to the demands for “fresh” and “artisan” choices which are becoming ever-more prevalent.

Italian style Hot Sandwiches were prepared in the style of a finest New York deli and superbly toasted in the new TurboChef Bullet rapid cook oven.

John Gardner, executive chef with TurboChef travels the world to show – cook the TurboChef in action.. John says “Irish Retailers in conjunction with Martin Food Equipment and Artisan Irish food suppliers are at the very vanguard of Food–to-Go,” said John Gardner, executive chef with TurboChef, “and compare favourably with any other country in the world.”

Italian Style Artisan Breads were showcased by the ingredients supplier Puratos. Ideal for in-store bakery, visitors to the workshop enjoyed a range of Olive, Pesto  Foccacia and Ciabatta breads which make for an ideal food snack or Food – for – Later menu.

Martin Food Equipment will present a number of Casual Dining Workshops in the coming weeks, including:

‘Food for Now/Food for Later Workshop’ – November 7 + 8

‘The World of Chicken, Ireland’s no.1 Food to Go’ – 24 + 25 October

‘Rapid Cook Food to Go Hot Sandwich’ – 14 + 15 November

These events will take place at the Martin Food Equipment Innovation Centre, Gaskin Business Park, Coe’s Road, Dundalk. To book your place, contact or call 042-93-303636.




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