Cassidy Wines to lose Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay from Delgat’s Wine Estate Ltd - Cassidys to hand it over on October 4th.
Oyster Bay from Delgat’s Wine Estate Ltd - Cassidys to hand it over on October 4th.

Cassidy Wines is to relinquish distribution of Oyster Bay on October 4th to “direct representation”, an in-market sales force to be set up by Oyster Bay producer Delegat’s Wine Estate Ltd.



5 July 2011

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Until then, Cassidy will continue to distribute the popular New Zealand brand with both companies continuing “to work closely to ensure uninterrupted service delivery to current customers”.

The “handing-over” period is likely to see Cassidys and Oyster Bay working together until the end of the year, however.
According to a statement from Delegat’s, “The establishment of direct in-market representation demonstrates Delegat’s Wine Estate’s commitment to invest in the Irish market for long-term growth through fostering enduring mutually beneficial relationships with its customers. This follows the company’s successful model of using wholly-owned in-market sales subsidiaries in the UK, Australia, Canada and the US”.

Oyster Bay sells around 156,000 cases here as part of the very successful New Zeland category in the wine market.
The company sees further growth potential for Oyster Bay in Ireland, according to Henry Currie, National Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland.

In keeping with a number of wine suppliers the company started dealing direct with multiples such as Tesco some 12 months ago.



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