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“Ireland is very important for us as we started with a low volume and now it has become very good” – Carlos Kinast.
“Ireland is very important for us as we started with a low volume and now it has become very good” – Carlos Kinast.

Casas del Toqui of Chile has introduced two new varietals to its Aviary range and Carlos Kinast, Export Manager of Casas del Toqui, was in Dublin recently to introduce them to the Irish market and to talk about the Aviary range in general.



27 August 2013

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The Aviary range is exclusively available to Costcutter/Carry-Out retailers and Carlos conducted a workshop to emphasise the elegance of the Aviary portfolio for retailers, some 50 of whom agreed that they liked the wines, finding them to be of high quality and quite sophisticated for the price.

The range comprises 11 wines with two new varietals (Rosé Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec) now added in time for the Summer so that six entry level varietal wines now accompany three Reservas/Gran Reservas.

Progress for the Cachapoal Valley winery has been rapid. Created in 1994 Casas del Toqui now supplies wine to some 18 countries including the US, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and of course Europe. Two years ago it supplied just five countries.

Ireland typifies its global growth. The label has been here just one year so far following a chance meeting between the Barry Group’s Category Development Buyer Gary Breen and Carlos himself at a Prowein exhibition two years ago. Gary appeared on his stand having explored the event seeking out a Chilean wine that could be introduced to the Barry Group portfolio.

This visit marked Carlos’s third time in Ireland having come here initially to meet with distributors the Barry Group and then to plan out the second delivery.

“Ireland is very important for us as we started with a low volume and now it has become very good,” explained Carlos, “In the past 12 months we’ve sold four container-loads into Ireland and want to sell two more before 2014.”

This will likely be augmented by the Barry Group’s running a Summer promotion on the label to get the brand a better consumer footing.

A straw poll of Aviary preferences in the market found Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot running about equal first with consumers.

So Sauvignon Blanc, which usually retails at €9.99, is on sale for just €7 this Summer. Indeed all varietal wines in the range are on Summer promotion.

Strangely enough, while Casas del Toqui is only available via the off-trade here, in the rest of the world some 80% of its product is sold into the on-trade.

For example 10 containers a year are sold into Brazil’s on-trade sector. In the US, some 70% of its sales are destined for on-trade retail and it’s all on-trade business in China.



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