Captain Morgan – not giving it all away

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Graeme Singleton, an improvisational actor, might be better known to his public through his Captain Morgan persona.



1 February 2012

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He was telling George Lee on RTE’s The Business programme recently about his trips to licensed premises the length and breadth of the country in the name of the great Captain where he makes a dramatic entrance in full regalia to promote Diageo Ireland’s fast-selling product and offer free samples to excitable nightclubbers.

Graeme is, however, particularly wary of Hen Nights in nightclubs (particularly wary of those in Carlow for some inexplicable reason…) as the girls immediately (mis)take him for a ‘Strippogram’ and hungry hands reach out to grab off his Captain Morgan kit. Fortunately only his pride has been lost so far and he’s managed to retain all of his Captain’s garb – right down to the long curly wig….. For his head….. For his head!



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