BWG reveals seasonal bestsellers

The traditional Yule Log is one of many traditional favourites offered by BWG Foodservice

Sales of non-alcoholic beverages have soared to unprecedented heights this Christmas, according to new information released by BWG Foodservice ahead of the last week of the Christmas shopping rush. Sales of alcohol-free products climbed by a whopping 224% on last year's figures.



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17 December 2019

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2019 was certainly the year where health and wellness took a front seat in Ireland, as illustrated by the mainstream growth of veganism, and the unprecedented growth of non-alcoholic beers and spirits. Sales of alcohol-free ranges have sky-rocketed by a whopping 224% this season, according to BWG Foodservice.

In response to this growing trend, BWG Foodservice says it has grown its offering in the segment to include “Nosecco”, an alcohol-free Prosecco, and Seedlip, which bills itself as the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit.

Ricky O’Brien, head of BWG Foodservice says the provider has experienced distinct changing attitudes towards non-alcoholic alternatives over the past year. “The taste of alcohol-free offerings has improved greatly,” says O’Brien, “and customers are enthusiastic about enjoying the benefits of non-alcoholic offerings, without the drawbacks.”

Meeanwhile, in the traditional alcohol offering, sales of Pink Gin and Broadleaf Sauvignon Blanc have surged by more than 10%.

In the food area, the quintessential Christmas Pudding is BWG Foodservice’s number one bestselling dessert, set to be paired with the estimated 4 tonnes of custard that will be sold over the festive period!

Elsewhere, BWG Foodservice has also sold more than 55,000 mince pies and gingerbread syrup is the bestselling coffee addition in its offering. The vegan foods trend has not escaped BWG Foodservice with vegan party foods now account for 5% of overall party food sales within the vast overall range.

“Our vegan coconut and lentil falafel recently won highly commended at the Irish Quality Food Awards,” adds O’Brien, “and we have been experiencing an upward trend in people choosing to experiment with their diet as they search out healthy alternatives to some of the more traditional favourites.”



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