Brennans Bread launches sustainable packaging awareness campaign

Wax paper packaging is now 100% recyclable and compostable



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23 July 2020 | 0

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Brennans Bread has announced that its wax paper packaging is now 100% recyclable and industrial compostable.

The wrapping, which is used for many of its products, including the popular Family Pan white sliced pan, can now go into either the green recyclable bin or the brown compost bin.

This comes as recent survey results reveal that 84% of Irish adults did not know it was possible to dispose of the packaging in a sustainable way. That’s despite the fact that 88% of respondents said they would have some level of confidence in terms of knowing whether a product is recyclable or not. Just 22% claim they are very confident, while 10% said they would not be confident at all in knowing if a product is recyclable or not.

“Our survey shows there is still some confusion out there and that’s why we decided to launch this sustainability campaign,” said Derek Beatty, commercial director, Brennans Bakeries. “Now, by choosing Brennans Bread, consumers can enjoy the same great tasting fresh quality bread but can be confident in the knowledge that they are contributing positively towards sustainability and the environment. Nothing’s changed. The iconic wax paper look and feel of the nation’s favourite bread will remain the same.”

Sustainable packaging is one of a number of measures introduced by Brennans Bread to become more environmentally responsible. Since joining Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme five years ago, Brennans Bread has installed energy monitoring and targeting systems; switched to LED lighting throughout its bakery in Walkinstown, Dublin; and the wax paper packaging has been independently tested and achieved certification to the highest EU standards.

“We know how important the issue of sustainability is to our customers, and it is extremely important to all of us at Brennans Bread too,” said Beatty. “We are on a journey to becoming as sustainable as possible and these developments in our packaging are hugely contributing to our efforts. We want to make sure you can enjoy today’s bread today, in a greener tomorrow.”

The online survey found that almost a third (27%) claim they are recycling/ composting more often since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with very few (3%) doing less. The under 35’s have engaged most with recycling since the start of the pandemic.

Brennans Bread has encouraged consumers to look out for the sustainability symbols on its wax paper packaging bread products, like Brennans family pan. The symbols, located beside the ingredients, means consumers have a choice. They can dispose the wax paper packaging in either the green recyclable bin or the brown compost bin.

“Brennans has taken a great step forward in its sustainability journey by achieving this recycling certification,” said Repak CEO Seamus Clancy. “By making its packaging more sustainable for the consumer, they are helping Ireland to achieve higher recycling targets for paper packaging as required under the EU’s Circular Economy Package.”



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