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Denny’s has a new improved ‘best taste ever’ recipe on its flagship sausage, Denny Gold Medal
Denny’s has a new improved ‘best taste ever’ recipe on its flagship sausage, Denny Gold Medal

Fiona Donnellan examines some of the breakfast products that will help consumers get the right start to the day


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17 September 2012

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  • The health and wellness biscuits market is worth €51m and growing at 14% (Source: Kantar MAT June 12) 
  • Belvita products have an estimated value of €3.4m (Kantar MAT June 12) 
  • Flahavan’s holds 65% market share of the hot oats cereal category 
  • Sqeez is outselling its nearest branded competitor of ambient fruit juice in Ireland 3:1 (Source: AC Nielson Scantrack May 2012)  
  • Six out of 10 Irish children don’t get enough wholegrain or fibre in their diet (Source: Analysis of the national children’s food survey and the national teen’s food survey) 
  • Fruice is experiencing volume and value growth at +17% and +7.9% respectively (Source: Nielson ROI Multiples M/J 2012) 


Consumers are slowly coming around to the old advice – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With the economy still in the gutter, people are looking for products that they can get the most out of, both monetarily and nutritionally. The breakfast meal has evolved and consumers are looking for more choice. The traditional breakfast choices are still there, along with more continental products. 


Tried and tested


Denny’s has a new improved ‘best taste ever’ recipe on its flagship sausage, Denny Gold Medal

Denny’s has a new improved ‘best taste ever’ recipe on its flagship sausage, Denny Gold Medal

Denny has launched its new ‘best taste ever’ recipe on Denny Gold Medal sausages. Denny has engaged in extensive research and testing with over 1,000 consumers and the new product has a much improved appearance, flavour and texture. The packaging has been changed for added shelf stand out and features an easy open/close functionality. The launch of the ‘best taste ever’ includes a multi-layered marketing campaign involving TV, radio, on-pack promotions and in-store demonstration. 


Robert Blythe, marketing manager of Denny Sausages said: “Our ambition is to always offer the customer the best, which is why we have taken this step to improve the recipe of what is now our best ever tasting Denny Gold Medal Sausage.”


Denny has also improved its cocktail sausage recipe, a key product for the Christmas trading period. For further information contact your Kerry Foods representative. 


Not just in a name


Truly Irish Country Foods is using its experience in the pig farming field to supply exceptionally high quality pork for sale in the local and international marketplace. Both its name and label is committed to supporting local jobs with all products fully traceable back to the farm. Truly Irish Country Foods offers butcher cut rashers at a supermarket price. Truly Irish has developed a unique rasher that holds its shape when cooking and leaves minimal white residue in the pan, proving no excess water is added, therefore giving the consumer better value for money. 


Truly Irish’s rashers come in three flavour options; the Traditional Back Rasher, the Maple Cured Rasher and the Beechwood Smoked Rasher. Truly Irish’s sausages have 82% lean pork content, making it a healthy low-fat nutritional meal. The range also includes traditional black and white puddings, created from a unique recipe that has been handed down for generations of Irish pork butchers. All products display the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Mark. 

Crunch time


Belvita has unveiled a new addition to its growing range of breakfast biscuits, and in doing so, aims to gain a larger share of the health and wellness biscuits market which is worth €51m* of a total biscuit market worth €251m*. New Belvita Breakfast Strawberry & Live Yogurt Duo Crunch contains a unique dual filling – a strawberry centre made with real fruit, surrounded by a creamy live yogurt filling and sandwiched between crunchy biscuits made with wholegrain. 


The Belvita brand is undertaking a two month marketing campaign to drive awareness of the brand and to highlight the launch of the Strawberry & Live Yogurt Duo Crunch. Belvita currently holds a market stake of €3.4m* with the opportunity there to expand that share. 


*(Source: Kantar MAT June 12)



Kellogg’s has launched a new addition to the Nutri-Grain family in the form of breakfast biscuits. The addition to the cereal snacks range is ideal for customers who don’t have time for breakfast but still want something nutritious and filling. 


The new range gives the nutrition of breakfast cereal in a biscuit made with wholegrain. According to brand manager for Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain, Emer Barry, the breakfast biscuits “provide slow release carbohydrates combined with 6 B-vitamins and iron to help release energy steadily.” The biscuits are made with a blend of oats, wheat and barley and are slow-baked until crunchy. 


Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Breakfast Biscuits come in a single serving pack of Cereal and Milk, and three multi-pack flavours; Cereal and Milk, Fruit and Fibre and Oats and Honey. The new range is available now. 


Fill up on oats

Flahavan’s is the market leader in the hot oats cereal category with a loyal Irish customer base consuming over 3 million servings each week. As one of the oldest private family-owned food companies, Flahavan’s has a distinguished milling tradition and expertise spanning over 200 years. With consumers taking a more active interest in health, Flahavan’s has focused on innovation and research and has broadened its portfolio to include products that concentrate on convenience, flavour and taste tailored to the demands and lifestyles of health-conscious Irish customers. 


The recent launch of Flahavan’s new Multi Seed Porridge Oats range has attracted and retained health conscious customers into the hot oat cereal category. The range, available in sachet, portable porridge pot and bag formats, combine Flahavan’s Porridge Oats with sunflower, flax, pumpkin and hemp seeds to provide an additional tasty boost to breakfast time. Flahavan’s products are free from artificial colours and additives and made from 100% wholegrain oats. The intrinsic health benefits of Flahavan’s Porridge Oats and the quick and easy-to-prepare Quick Oats range make Flahavan’s the ideal breakfast or snack. The products are 100% Irish and available nationwide. 


Fibre power

A recent study of eating habits of Ireland’s young people showed that six out of 10 children are not eating enough fibre or wholegrain in their diet. The study was carried out by Nestlé Cereals in association with the Irish Universities Nutrition Alliance involving over 1,000 children and teenagers. Results showed that ready-to-eat breakfast cereals were the main contributors to whole grains intake in Irish children and Nestlé breakfast cereals are a leading source of whole grain at breakfast. 


All Nestlé breakfast cereals are a source of fibre and provide at least 8g of whole grain per serving. These cereals are marked by a green banner on the pack, very visible to the consumer. 


Nature’s goodness

Kelkin’s range of Oat Granola breakfast cereals is an ideal way to start a day off. Made with the goodness of wholegrain oats, the Kelkin Oat Granola range ensures a hearty breakfast. The range of cereals from Kelkin are made without any added flavours, colours or preservatives, are high in fibre and omega 3, and very low in salt. 


Kelkin has also used its knowledge and expertise to produce a range of juices that provide the nutrients for the day ahead. Kelkin’s 100% juices are guaranteed to contain only the natural healthy goodness of fruit. They are made from the finest fruits, without any preservatives or artificial colours and one 200ml glass provides one of your five-a-day fruit and vegetables. The new juice range is packaged in simple, yet elegantly designed bottles that will appeal to the health conscious, modern consumer. Adrienne O’Reilly, nutritionist with Kelkin said: “A simple breakfast of a bowl of high fibre cereal with milk, accompanied by a glass of 100% fruit juice provides fibre, vitamins, calcium, protein and one of their five-a-day.”

Juice it up


Sqeez continues to dominate the Irish market, remaining the number one ambient fruit juice brand in Ireland, outselling the nearest branded competitor by 3:1*. Sqeez offers consumers a wide range of choice from the classic 100% Pure Orange and Apple juice to the exotic range of flavours including Cranberry, Blueberry and Pineapple juice. The most recent addition of ‘Fusion’ juices has proved hugely popular with customers. The light and fruity range can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night and includes Paradise Zest, Fruit Burst and Tropical Twist. 


Sqeez has also recently improved its packaging design across the 1 Litre range and this has been positively received. Sqeez is available in single 1 Litre packs, handy 3×1 Litre packs and 250ml packs – ideal for people on-the-go. 


*(Source: AC Nielson Scantrack May 2012) 


New look packaging

Fruice, the premium juice brand from Coca-Cola Hellenic Ireland delivers high quality and great tasting juice products ideal for any time of the day. The 1 Litre range has recently undergone a make over in both packaging and taste. Consumers have reacted favourably to the new look, with over seven in 10 preferring the new flavour*. The updated look promotes the 100% fruit content and includes the ‘Love Irish Food’ logo on each pack. 


Fruice’s 1 Litre Juice Drink range has also been rebranded. The Tropical and Apple and Mixed Berry juice drinks both have an improved formulation and taste. The changes include a reduction in sugar and calories by way of the use of Stevia, a natural sweetener from the Stevia plant. The Tropical range has had a reduction of 30%, while the Apple and Mixed Berry range has a reduction of 50%. The range is also available in a 250ml carton and 6 x 250ml pack for lunchboxes. 


*(Source: Taste test of 300 consumers, May 2012)




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