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Tipperary Natural Mineral Water recently launched the innovative and more environmentally friendly new flip top cap for the 500ml Tipp Active range
Tipperary Natural Mineral Water recently launched the innovative and more environmentally friendly new flip top cap for the 500ml Tipp Active range

Despite the credit crunch,several bottled water brands have grown in value and volume. Taste, naturalness and convenience are key to “pure” profits.


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17 August 2009

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The introduction to Mintel’s forthcoming October 2009 report on the bottled water category asks a poignant question: “Will tap water really get its revenge on bottled?” Despite the challenging economic climate however, several brands in Ireland have actually managed to increase their market share by both value and volume during the past 12 months.

Ultimately it is the convenience and taste of bottled water which appears to have retained and attracted customers in spite of the recession. Manufacturers have further tapped into this trend by providing a growing number of sizes and formats, to suit all occasions and events.

Part of you

Tipperary Natural Mineral Water has once again proven to be gold standard, winning two gold medals at this year’s prestigious British Bottles Institute Awards in London. The premium Irish water won gold medals in both the still and sparkling mineral water category.

The seven-time gold medal winner launched the ‘My Bottle’ campaign this year, highlighting the range it offers in bottle sizes and formats for all consumers and occasions.  

Tipperary Natural Mineral Water recently launched the new flip top cap for the 500ml Tipp Active range. The bottle top is not only innovative but more environmentally friendly. The Tipp Active 500ml range was expanded in early summer to include a 4 x 500ml pack flashed at €3.49 and 8 x 500ml pack flashed at €4.99. The packs come in easy to use display boxes.

The brand also recently expanded the successful 1.5L pack offering. Originally available in a 4 x 1.5L pack flashed at €3.00, the complementary 6 x 1.5L pack flashed at €4.49 is proving a consumer favourite.

Tipperary Kidz is the ideal lunchbox size and with the 15 for 10 pack available for the busy back to school period, Tipperary Kidz will continue to prove popular.  

Crystal clear

Naturally filtered for over 50 years through 100 meters of sandstone, Crystal Springs is the market leader in the 5L water category. Crystal Springs offers consumers a quality spring water that is real value for money.

The 5L bottle is ideal for busy households and Crystal Springs claims its twin-pack flashed at €4.00 has proved hugely popular and is must stock item, particularly coming into the busy back to school period. Crystal Springs is available in single 5L bottles, 5L twin-packs and single 10L packs.

Pure and simple

For almost 30 years, Ballygowan has been supplying the Irish market with pure, Irish water sourced from one of the finest natural locations in the world. Ballygowan is drawn from a single, protected, natural source. The geographical location of this source in the south east corner of the country in Newcastlewest is an important factor in Ballygowan’s purity, as the catchment area is totally free of industry and intensive farming. Strong prevailing winds from the Atlantic ensure the area is free of pollution with high rainfall also playing an important role.

Ballygowan remains the brand leader in the bottled water market in Ireland, largely attributable to its provenance, ongoing brand and marketing investment coupled with product and pack innovation, quality and purity.

2009 has been a landmark year for the brand which has grown its presence in the sporting arena in Ireland. Firmly established as the official water sponsor to Munster Rugby and Thomond Park Stadium, Ballygowan is also sponsor to the Adidas Dublin City Marathon and this year, Ballygowan Hint of Fruit entered its inaugural sponsorship deal with the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, which over 40,000 women entered.

Ballygowan also made making the healthier choice easier with the relaunch of its range of sugar-free, flavoured waters, Hint of Fruit. Following extensive taste tests, Ireland’s number one water is now available in Orange and Mango, Cranberry and Lime, and Strawberry.

Rocking out

Deep RiverRock is a quality, pure Irish water, bottled from source in Tullynacross, Co Antrim. It contains naturally occurring essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Deep RiverRock claims the highest possible national and international quality standards are exceeded in its production.

Deep RiverRock has increased its share of the bottled water market with the brand’s value share growing from 13.7% to 13.9% over the past year. Deep RiverRock is continuously innovating to meet consumers’ needs. Within the multi-serve market, the 6 x 1.5L sector has increased its share in both volume, rising from 6.1% to 6.7%, and in value, up from 5.7% to 6.4%, within the same time period (Nielsen ROI MAT 8WE 20 APR 09).

Deep RiverRock’s 6 x 1.5L pack offering, which was launched last summer, has recently been updated to communicate a value message. The lifestyle imagery and value pack message used on the 6 x 1.5L pack design ensures shelf standout with strong purity cues and pack contents clearly communicated. The new 6 x 1.5L pack has been well received taking 31.6% in volume and 20.4% in value of the rising 6 x 1.5L sector (YTD April 09).

Research has reported consumers describing Deep RiverRock as a “very fashionable quality brand, the water brand to be seen drinking and growing in popularity.” (Amarach Research Q.4 2008).

Vittely important

Vittel, one of the leading global bottled water brands, has been bottled at its source in Vittel, a town in the heart of the Visages region of France since 1864. Sold in over 80 countries, Vittel comes from a spa that is highly regarded for its health-giving properties. Vittel offers a balance of essential minerals including calcium and magnesium, to replenish skin cells and provide optimal hydration.

Vittel is available in three sizes: 500ml and 750ml on-the-go packs and 1.5L take home pack. Vittel has increased its value share of the market from 2.9% to 3.0% over the past 12 months. In the immediate consumption market, Vittel has performed particularly well gaining share in volume from 3.4% to 3.5% and value from 3.5% to 3.8% (Nielsen ROI MAT 8WE 20 APR 09).

After personifying the bottled water revolution in the late 1980s, Perrier is now the number one value brand on the sparkling water market

After personifying the bottled water revolution in the late 1980s, Perrier is now the number one value brand on the sparkling water market

Vittel is globally associated with cycling and is the official water of the world famous Tour de France. Vittel will sponsor this year’s Tour of Ireland cycle race from 21 to 23 August; starting in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow and finishing in Cork city. With seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong present, the Tour of Ireland is sure to attract public interest.

Champagne of waters

Iconic Perrier mineral water was considered by many to have led the bottled water revolution of the late 1980’s, and it has continued to grow since then. Perrier is the number one value brand on the sparkling water market, available in more than 140 countries.

Perrier is a naturally occurring mineral water that emanates from a spring in Verges, near Marseilles. The source’s unique balance of minerals and low sodium level create its unique, subtle taste, which has ensured it continues to be the most widely distributed mineral water in the world. In addition, the water is naturally carbonated from volcanic gas pockets that are trapped deep within the limestone rock.

Perrier has planted and maintains some 1,235 acres to preserve the environment around the spring which acts as a natural filter for the water. In addition, farmers and growers in the 8,650 adjacent acres are all certified organic. Perrier also complies to the European Union definition of a ‘mineral water’, meaning it originates underground, is bacteriologically healthy, has a constant mineral content bottled at the source without being treated.

Perrier is exclusively marketed and distributed throughout Ireland by Noreast ( and has successfully acquired listings in some of the country’s leading hotels, restaurants and cafes. Having recently participated in the L’Apéritif à la Française promotion through Donnybrook Fair, the level of interest amongst consumers and volume of sales indicate great potential for this premium brand.



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