Bewley’s launches 100% recyclable compostable takeaway cups

Bewley's has joined the race against waste by introducing two new environmentally friendly coffee cups
Bewley's has joined the race against waste by introducing two new environmentally friendly coffee cups

Iconic coffee retailer Bailey's has announced plans to introduce not one but two new varieties of coffee cups to its entire network. The 100% recyclable and 100% compostable coffee cups will be introduced in its flagship Dublin store and across the country.



1 June 2018 | 0

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Things are moving very quickly now, as brands and retailers across Ireland and around the world move to join the fight against plastic waste. Bewley’s is the latest coffee chain to make the commitment by launching 100% recyclable and 100% compostable cups. The flagship store on Dublin’s Grafton Street will be the first location to make the switch, while outlets around the country will join in in due course..

Bewley’s says it recognises that consumers have different needs even in this area of sustainability, so there are two new cups on offer: 100% recyclable takeaway cups, and 100% compostable takeaway cups. Research by the company has shown coffee drinkers are actively looking for ways to use more sustainable products with 65% saying they even understand they will be paying a premium as the environmental issue is so important.

Bewley’s Recyclable Cups have a specially designed liner that breaks down in the recycling process therefore leaving 100% of the paper to be recycled cleanly. The cups and lids will be compatible with regular recycling bins which consumers will be familiar with in their home or work. The compostable cups are made from sustainable paper sources and include a compostable lid. They are manufactured in Ireland and can be disposed of in the brown bin that is found in most homes and many businesses, and are then fully broken down once taken to industrial composting.

Jason Doyle, managing director of Bewley’s Food Service Ireland, said Bewley’s has always been aware of its responsibility to the environment. “Now, more than ever,” he said, “customers are looking for more sustainable options and we are delighted to be able to provide them with these new recyclable and compostable cups whenever they enjoy a Bewley’s coffee on the go.”

Meanwhile, Key Waste, Thornton’s and Panda waste management companies in Ireland have committed to recycling both versions of the cups.




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