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It goes without saying that Irish consumers have become connoisseurs of coffee in recent years. In fact, whether it is in the home, in-store or on the move, there is a level of expectation that means anything less than the best will see customers vote with their feet. For that reason, it’s essential to provide the best offerings, and brands have stepped up to the plate in a big way to provide that offering, writes Doug Whelan


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11 September 2017

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At a glance: Hot beverages

  • 75% of Irish consumers state they drink coffee every day, while seven in ten drink more than one cup a day*
  • Fresh coffee sales are on the rise, while instant coffee sales have slowed
  • 16-34 year olds are more discerning about their coffee, with coffee blend, espresso shot and type of milk used all significant factors, while older consumers opt for traditional choices such as Americano**
  • Ireland’s coffee market was valued at €112m in 2015
  • Trade value sales of €176 million are predicted for 2020*

*(Source: Bord Bia, Irish Coffee Culture Continues to Grow, July 2016)

**(Source: Mintel, Coffee – Ireland – December 2013)

Kenco’s Millicano tins keep fresh coffee fresher for longer!

Kenco’s Millicano tins keep fresh coffee fresher for longer!

The finest cup

At the Kenco Coffee Company, the credo is “we live and breathe coffee”. For almost 100 years, the company has never settled when it comes to producing the finest coffee, whether it’s whole bean instant, specialities, capsules or coffee pods, Kenco’s people always go the extra mile to deliver “the finest cup”.

Kenco’s coffee originates from all over the world, depending on the necessity. In Costa Rica, the fertile volcanic soil, mountainous terrain, and temperate climate all contribute to some of the richest and most delicious coffee grown all over the world.

Kenco Lungo offers barista style coffee with the convenience of a capsule

Kenco Lungo offers barista style coffee with the convenience of a capsule

Further south, Kenco sources its coffee in South America from Colombia, Peru and Brazil. Colombia provides an impressive 12% of all the coffee consumed all over the world, while Peru’s reputation for producing the highest-quality Arabica beans suggests its 2% share is set to continue to grow over the coming years. Brazil, however, is by far the largest coffee producer in the world, with 25%; the lower altitudes there contribute to a lighter and less acidic flavour.

Ethiopia, Vietnam and Indonesia are also sources of Kenco coffee in its search for the finest cup. All the while, the company is constantly searching for ways it can minimise its impact on the environment. The company says that by 2020, it aims to have reduced its energy consumption during the manufacturing process by 10%, and all of its sites will be landfill-free. The recently-introduced eco-packages have reduced the amount of packaging the company generates by a staggering 97%*. Consumers are encouraged to purchase the new eco-packs and reuse their Kenco jars, thus doing their own part for the environment.

Kenco’s Tassimo bags provide a selection of varieties, including Mocha

Kenco’s Tassimo bags provide a selection of varieties, including Mocha

Furthering its objective of social responsibility, Kenco has been operating its Coffee vs Gangs project, through which it aims to offer young people in its coffee-growing regions an alternative to a life of crime. In Honduras, gangs are a constant threat to young people, but also a lure. For some, it can be the only option against a life of poverty. Kenco established its Coffee vs Gangs initiative in 2014, hoping to make a difference by offering the chance to train to be independent coffee farmers with the skills to grow and export high quality coffee beans.

The first wave of these coffee students are currently establishing businesses of their own, with a view to passing their knowledge on to more and more young people in their area. To learn more about this project, visit

*(Per gram of coffee, compared to jar)

Excellence in an instant!

With more than 120 years of dedication and passion, Lavazza has been committed to achieving excellence in the production of true Italian coffee. This truly glamorous Italian brand offers quality products and the latest innovations in line with Italian tradition, which has helped drive the brand forward in Ireland.

As well as a broad range of espresso beans and filter coffee, Lavazza now offers all the flavour and intensity of Lavazza coffee in an instant with Lavazza Prontissimo.

Lavazza Prontissimo is a premium instant coffee with an authentic Italian taste. Made using 100% Arabica beans, it contains micro-granules that yield a full-bodied and rich cup of coffee. With two offerings in the range, Prontissimo Intenso and Prontissimo Classico, there is an option to suit every taste.

Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso is an extraordinary dark-roasted strong and full-bodied 100% Arabica instant coffee blend, with rich notes of roasted coffee.

Lavazza Prontissimo Classico, meanwhile, is an excellent medium-roasted, smooth and well-balanced 100% Arabica instant coffee blend, with a delicate note of caramel.

With these instant coffee offerings, consumers can now enjoy a premium Italian coffee taste experience at any time of the day.

Quality coffee time after time

Nescafé’s commercial coffee machines are just as serious about coffee as Nescafé itself, and coming in a wide range of models, sizes and feature options they can help deliver quality coffee time after time, whatever the size of your business.

As coffee drinkers become more and more discerning, it’s becoming more and more important to offer them quality coffee – especially when they’re on the move. From lattes to cappuccinos and beyond, quality, customisation and consistency are key. As is choosing a brand that can be trusted. In short, consumers are now looking for their favourites in and out of the home.

With that in mind, Nescafé has introduced its Gold Blend Barista Style. Premium hot drinks from an equally premium self-serve machine. Made with micronised roasted coffee, it helps retailers to deliver a quality product from a brand that consumers love*.

The easy-to-use machines offer a comprehensive menu for ease of use, including many coffee-shop style favourites, to ensure a quality cup every time.

The Nescafé Coffee Machine itself is a Westomatic Sigma Touch, a free-standing hot-drinks self-serve machine that serves hot drinks via its 19-inch interactive touch HD screen.

Nescafé offers a complete premium self-serve coffee solution that include machines, ingredients, branded cups and marketing support. The 19” HD touch screen intuitively guides customers through a variety of user-friendly menus. They can customise their Nescafé Gold Blend Barista Style Drinks at the touch of a button; the coffee-shop style hot beverages and choice rivals that of the big-name coffee chains in looks, taste and price!

*(Source: IRI MAT 52 weeks March 2017)

New cups, please!

Seattle’s Best new-look, distinctive red cups will be popping up all over the country in the near future

Seattle’s Best new-look, distinctive red cups will be popping up all over the country in the near future

Seattle’s Best Coffee has been roasting coffee for more than 45 years and the company says it has never been a labour, only love! That’s love for the beans, love for the process and love for those moments that a fresh cup of delicious, hot coffee only makes better!

Seattle’s Best has long perfected its signature roasting process; through this evolution, it has stayed true to its roots while spreading its brand. Today, the signature coffee is available in 230 stores across Ireland.

That said, change is still on the cards for Seattle’s Best Coffee. An exciting new development for the brand is the fun new coffee cup design, which will be available in stores far and wide soon. These vibrant red cups will begin to be seen around the country in 16oz, 12oz and 8oz measures. Made using only the finest Arabica beans, Seattle’s Best Coffee has become a favourite with Irish coffee consumers since it was launched in Ireland in March 2015; this new look and plans for future expansion mean it will be around for many years to come yet.




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