Bernadette Grant, marketing director, Kellogg Company of Ireland

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Pictured: The 48 Irish producers at a workshop in Lidl HQ in Tallaght, County Dublin (Photo by Andres Poveda)

Hard-working and energetic Bernadette has conceded defeat on her childhood ambition to marry Face from The A-team and would now much rather see Cork win the double - again!



11 December 2009

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Your favourite grocery shop?
Fallon & Byrne

How long is your typical working day?
Hard to keep track as no two days are the same. All I know is the day flies by!

How do you describe yourself?
Hardworking and energetic but don’t take myself too seriously

What’s your favourite Irish product?
Hard to pick; it’s between Clonakilty Black Pudding and Tayto

What’s your favourite brand, outside of the brands you represent, and why?
Jo Malone, for its simplicity and elegance

What piece of legislation would you introduce/change?
All children have a right to a good breakfast each morning before they start school. Government should ensure that the right resources are in place to ensure that no child misses out, especially in socially disadvantaged areas

What historical figure would you invite to dinner?
Oscar Wilde and Michael Collins. It would be interesting to see what they would make of each other

The best gift you ever received?
A mixed tape my now husband made for me the first Christmas after we met

What possession could you not live without?
My runners

What was your first job?
Check-out girl in SuperValu when I was in school

What was your childhood dream/ambition?
To marry Face from the A-team!

What’s your ambition now?
To see Cork win the double …..again!

What’s the worst ad ever?
Harvey Norman

What’s your favourite ad at the moment?
The Budweiser ‘All together now’ TV campaign

Your favourite newspaper?
The Sunday Times

Who is inspirational in Irish business?
Love him or hate him, you’ve got to hand it to Michael O’Leary. An 80% annual profit increase in the current economic climate is pretty impressive!

In your opinion what’s the next big thing?
Clonakilty Black Pudding flavoured Tayto perhaps

What (if anything) was the last thing you bought on the internet?
Flights for my parents for Christmas

What’s your pet hate?
People who clap when the plane lands

What makes you laugh?
John & Edward

Three essential grocery items you’d take with you for a week on a desert island?
A Kellogg’s Variety pack (one for each day and one extra for when I fancy a snack), milk and a plastic spoon and bowl



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