Believe in a gluten-free Christmas!

The Coeliac Society wants to help sufferers enjoy a risk-free Christmas with its new guide
The Coeliac Society wants to help sufferers enjoy a risk-free Christmas with its new guide

A new guide published by the Coeliac Society of Ireland aims to give a hand to sufferers of the condition this Christmas. The Coeliac Little Helper Guide is packed with tips and advice on recipes, dos and don'ts, health tips and more.



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19 November 2018 | 0

Christmas may be a time to eat, drink and be merry, but for people with coeliac disease it can be a very difficult time, with the plethora of rich foods threatening to flare up their condition. Things are looking up though, with the Coeliac Society’s newly-published survival guide offering tips and advice on how to negotiate a delicious and gluten-free season.

The Coeliac Little Helper guide to a gluten free Christmas has been produced by the Coeliac Society of Ireland in association with PureBred gluten free bakery. It contains tips, recipes and advice from chefs and experts on “making merry” regardless of any dietary restrictions. It is aimed at coeliac disease sufferers who need to cook gluten free meals for the whole family, as well as those hosting someone on a gluten free diet.

The guide includes recipes for gluten free Christmas Pudding, gravy, snacks, nibbles and more, and also contains advice on suitable drinks. To produce the guide, the society worked with chefs and diet experts to develop the guide, with a view to removing the stress faced by many of Ireland’s estimated 47,500 coeliac disease sufferers and their families.

Coeliac Society of Ireland chief executive Gill Brennan said Christmas can be stressful for those with coeliac disease, particularly children who are unsure about what they can and cannot eat. “The Coeliac Little Helper guide is designed to ease that stress,” Brennan said, “and makes it easy for people with coeliac disease and their families to enjoy a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings!”

To download a copy of the guide, click here:

The Coeliac Society supports anyone diagnosed as coeliac throughout the year. Membership provides a comprehensive annual Food List, which includes thousands of suitable products available in Irish supermarkets; a monthly e-zine; seasonal goody lists for Easter, Halloween and Christmas; a quarterly magazine with articles on travel, health and recipes plus access to phone support team and more. 


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