Bacardi’s new ‘Together’ campaign

Filming the new Bacardi ‘Inventions’ ad at Black island Studios.
Filming the new Bacardi ‘Inventions’ ad at Black island Studios.

Bacardi has launched ‘Bacardi Together’, its new global multi-media campaign.



6 July 2011

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The campaign exemplifies the brand’s long history of physically bringing people together, believing there’s no substitute for the joy experienced from getting together in person and that life is better when shared with others. 

Bacardi Together addresses a growing concern that in our increasingly fast-paced and technology-enabled lives people are spending less time getting together enjoying friends and family.

The first of the Bacardi Together executions, ‘Inventions’, suggests that everything mankind invented (including essential elements such as fire and the wheel) was for the purpose of bringing us together.

It was filmed in different locations across Argentina and directed by award-winning Irish director Johnny Green.

Over the coming months, Bacardi Together will be brought to life across print and out-of-home advertising as well as through digital, PR, experiential marketing and product sampling. The online campaign includes Facebook.

“The Bacardi Together campaign is an instinctive territory for Bacardi because it has embodied the idea of togetherness since the brand’s inception,” explained Bacardi’s Market Development Manager  Tiernan O’Morain, “We’ve reflected on the proud Latin heritage of Bacardi based on its values of freedom, passion for life and togetherness.  These values have existed for almost 150 years but now, in our modern world of distractions and pressures, ‘togetherness’ is as relevant as ever.  The ambition of Bacardi is to remind people that real human connections are important.  We want to encourage and facilitate people coming together to share and enjoy each other – and a delicious Bacardi Cuba Libre or Bacardi Mojito.”

The brand’s 150th anniversary just around the corner (February 4th, 2012).




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