Another winner for ‘luckiest Lotto family’

Is Carey's the luckiest Lotto agent in Ireland?
Is Carey's the luckiest Lotto agent in Ireland?

The Carey family, which owns newsagents in Mayo, Galway and Dublin has been dubbed the luckiest Lotto family in history after selling yet another winning ticket



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10 March 2017 | 0

As the hunt is on for the latest winner in the National Lottery’s Daily Million draw, a retailing family in Co. Mayo has been dubbed the luckiest family in Lotto history, having sold ANOTHER winning ticket.

As the National Lottery urged players in Belmullet to check their tickets, it emerged that the winning ticket was sold in Carey’s Newsagent in the Co. Mayo town. The Careys are no strangers to Lottery wins, with three members of the family selling winning tickets in the excess of €3om in three separate shops in Dublin, Galway and Mayo.

In total, the Careys have sold no less than five top Lottery prizes, the Irish Independent reports.

In 2016, they sold a €13.8m winner – the eighth highest in history. In 2015, they sold a €500,000 Euromillions Plus winner. In 2012, Carey’s in Belmullet sold a €350,000 winner and all the way back in 1991 the store sold a winner of more than €700,000 (adjusted from Irish pounds).

That’s a good streak. We may pay a little visit ourselves in the near future…

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