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While a repeat of 2018’s unprecedented and record-breaking temperatures is unlikely, the events of last summer proved that preparation is key. Sales of barbecue-related foods and other products such as firelights and fuel soared, and as we ease into the 2019 summer, retailers will again want to be well aware of the innovations and initiatives available to customers


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20 May 2019 | 0

We all know how much Ireland loves a barbecue. Usually, Irish weather is so unpredictable that the moment there is a sliver of sun, the supermarket shelves are cleared of burgers, buns and everything else that can be cooked on a grill. Summer 2018 was different though, as Ireland baked in record temperatures and day after day of sunshine right through June and July.

As a result, year-on-year sales soared, as friends and families gathered in gardens and streets to grill and be merry, because barbecuing is never just another meal in Ireland. It’s a gathering, an occasion and a party, and quality time for families and friends which creates new memories for everyone involved.

While a repeat of last year’s endless summer is unlikely, stores will still want to be ready – because you never know when it’s a time to grill. Retailers need to be aware of what’s out there, what consumers’ expectations are and what should be in stock so those needs are met and then some.

As with any segment, a well-stocked barbecue offering can generate customer loyalty, so the right stock at the right time can be key in driving sales and footfall the next time the sun comes out – whenever that may be!

Renewable fuel

Calor's BioLPG gas is 100% renewable - a first for the Irish market

Calor’s BioLPG gas is 100% renewable – a first for the Irish market

In April 2018, Calor became the first provider in Ireland to bring BioLPG, a 100% renewable gas, to market. Calor BioLPG is the only renewable gas available across Ireland; this new clean energy is already making inroads into the energy market for homes and businesses.

For the 2019 summer season BioLPG will be available in Calor’s range of patio gas cylinders.  This means consumers can enjoy their summer days and nights in the garden, knowing that they are making a small contribution to the future of our environment. BioLPG is available in Calor’s 6kg lightweight and 11kg patio gas cylinders through Calor gas stockists.

The BioLPG cylinder launch will be supported by a new range of dynamic ads set to feature more heavily when temperatures rise. Dynamic advertising will apply online and across enabled outdoor media.

In addition to an above-the-line campaign, Calor and leading consumer brand, Irish Pride, will run an on-pack promotion through the summer months, encouraging local communities to become greener.

To find out more about Calor BioLPG visit

Less prepping, more socializing

The Meade Potato Company is a family-owned business with decades of experience in potato farming

The Meade Potato Company is a family-owned business with decades of experience in potato farming

This summer, Irish family farm business Meade Potato Company has brought its passion for potatoes to a new product. The Prep Less Live More range of ready-to-cook chips is the perfect accompaniment for a BBQ, and is now available to retailers nationwide in two styles: Chunky Chips or Skinny Fries.

From the family farm in the fertile Boyne Valley (Lobinstown, Co. Meath, to be exact), the Meades produce their chips using varieties chosen for their excellent chipping qualities and tasty potato flavour. With a CV that includes being the first company to ship potatoes abroad by the boatload and one of the first in the industry to wash potatoes back in the 1980s, the Meade family know the potato market and are confident that this product will boost retailers’ ready-to-cook fresh cut chips sales (with category growth of 45% year-on-year, according to Mintel 2019). Since entering the branded produce market, Meade Potato Company has experienced very strong 54% year-on-year growth (Source: Kantar, March 2019). The handy 500g pack also means less waste.

Summertime entertaining is all about good food and good friends coming together, and the Prep Less Live More range of freshly cut chips gives consumers who love their homemade chips more time to socialise.

The new choice

Title: At Sussed, the brand’s mission is to bring customers the healthiest oils to cook with. Sussed’s new Omega Ω 3 DHA Oil is the healthiest cooking oil available, comprised of a unique blend of cold pressed Omega Ω 3 DHA and Irish Rapeseed Oil. Omega Ω 3 DHA Oil is both a health supplement and a cooking oil for everyday use which retains all the Omega Ω 3 DHA goodness due to the high smoke point of rapeseed oil.

Omega Ω 3 DHA Oil is comprised of a unique blend ideal for use in cooking and also as a health supplement

Omega Ω 3 DHA Oil is comprised of a unique blend ideal for use in cooking and also as a health supplement

Sussed Irish Rapeseed Oil is carefully nurtured and harvested from specially selected seed. During the cold pressing process, algae oil and lime are added to boost the Omega Ω 3 DHA properties. Algae oil is high in Omega Ω 3 DHA, it’s vegan-friendly, tastes great and contains 11 times the amount of Omega Ω 3 DHA as olive oil. It is deliciously light and nutty in flavour with subtle lime notes, and contains less than half the saturated fat of olive oil. Together, they create a healthy, everyday oil perfect for salads, stir-fries and roasting with a high 200°C smoke point.

Sussed Omega Ω 3 DHA is a powerhouse of nutrients, proven to boost brain function, vision maintenance and for optimal heart health. In short, given its high amount of good fats and the lowest level of saturated fats, Sussed is the new cooking oil choice for healthy hearts.

It’s only natural

The latest addition to the Chef range is Chef Stevia, which contains only natural sweeteners

The latest addition to the Chef range is Chef Stevia, which contains only natural sweeteners

With BBQ season upon us again, the Chef range of flavoured sauces is set to be the hit of the summer. Chef is the number one brand in the brown sauce segment, and the number two brand within ketchup.

Proudly produced in Cabra, Dublin, the latest addition to the range is Chef Stevia. It has the same great Chef Tomato Ketchup taste, only this time sweetened naturally using plant-based sweetener Stevia.

Chef Stevia boasts even lower sugar and salt content than Chef Reduced Sugar and Salt Tomato Ketchup, and contains not

This new Chef Tomato Ketchup, made with the natural sweetener Stevia, joins the existing Chef Reduced Sugar & Salt Tomato Ketchup, boasting an even lower sugar and salt content. Chef Stevia has no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives, does not compromise on taste and still delivers that unique Chef kick.

A family favourite in Irish households since 1921, the Chef range also includes BBQ Sauce, Salad Cream, Beetroot, Malt Vinegar and Pickles. In short, it is the only brand to choose for the ultimate BBQ offering.

Brown is back

YR’s new branding has already made its debut on Irish TV and also in a recent sponsorship at the races at Fairyhouse

YR’s new branding has already made its debut on Irish TV and also in a recent sponsorship at the races at Fairyhouse

A new generation is about to discover the delights of YR as it relaunches with a brand-new marketing campaign. With updated packaging and an innovative marketing plan, YR’s new campaign will centre on the new slogan ‘Now YR Talking’, which has already made its debut on Irish airwaves and in a sponsorship activation at the Fairyhouse Races.

The YR brand was acquired by sales and marketing firm Primeline three years ago. Before this, it had seen no investment for the last 20 years but YR still had a loyal customer base, hence the new initiative. It is the original brown sauce, made using a secret recipe and superior ingredients.

“We want to use our new campaign to highlight the quality of YR Sauce and acknowledge the great heritage of the brand,” says Sean McNaughten, grocery director at Primeline. “Now Yr Talking can cut through the nonsense and make humorous observations,” McNaughten says, “but at the same time evoke those heart-warming foody moments made special by YR Sauce.”

Primeline will also be revising YR’s packaging, in addition to partnering with Love Irish Food. Watch out for more YR news coming soon as Primeline aims to double the brand in the next 12 months and launch exciting consumer-led innovation.

Q&A with Stuart McCready, trading controller, Zip Ireland and general manager, Zip USA

A new marketing campaign and long-standing tradition of sustainable forestry and packaging means Zip firelighters is ready for summer 2019

Q: Did the record temperatures in 2018 translate into fuel sales in the barbecue segment?

A: The total BBQ fuel sales category grew by 50% in sales value versus last summer. The record breaking temperatures definitely helped, but it was also the re-assurance of the Zip brand, with consumers responding well to the new products in the Zip BBQ range. Consumers want a brand they can rely on: products that are fast lighting, high performance and that last long enough to cook the burgers and still toast marshmallows later!

Convenience products grew the most in the form of disposable BBQ trays, which almost doubled their 2017 sales at +91%; the Zip BBQ tray contributed 72% of this growth. The regular Briquettes also outperformed at +66% and, again, Zip 2kg was the biggest single contributor to this growth.

Q: While a repeat is unlikely, how did last summer’s unprecedented weather translate into 2019’s marketing plan?

A: Summer 2018 was indeed unprecedented. However, Zip believes there is an ongoing shift towards longer, hotter summers in Ireland. As a result, Zip has launched a specific summer seasonal range of products that includes both charcoal and firelighters and for the first time ever. This range will be advertising on TV to capitalise on new and returning BBQ consumers, in keeping with the consumer trend towards outdoor eating.

Q: Sustainability in everything we do is more popular than ever. What changes have taken place in solid fuel, which for generations was based on burning of wood and fossil fuels?

A: Sustainability has always been a focus for Zip. We have a long standing partnership with Trees for the Future; our packaging is made from recycled card and has been for over 30 years and we are long-terms subscribers to Repak. Zip is proud to say its manufactured logs are made from 100% natural, sustainable Irish willow. In 2018 Zip launched the Irish Willow compressed logs. Each briquette burns hotter, for longer and cleaner than traditional logs and is 100% carbon neutral. Alongside these new products, Zip provides a wide range of natural wood products which all come from FSC sustainable wood sources. Zip is always innovating and exploring new NPD projects to develop more sustainable fuels.

Q: What marketing initiatives are planned for spring and summer 2019?

A: As mentioned above, we are excited to announce Zip will be advertising on TV this summer with the ‘How do you light yours?’ campaign. The campaign will showcase the Zip summer seasonal product range which has a BBQ solution for every occasion including our new 100% Natural Charcoal Briquettes, made with real coconut shells. In support of the TV advertising, Zip will be launching a social / digital campaign that encompasses online advertising as well as a strong social media push, with the hash tag #thezipflip, where we will be encouraging consumers to share their attempts at flipping burgers on their Zip BBQ’s to really drive engagement and renewed awareness that Zip is a one-stop-shop for all your BBQ needs.





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