Aldi Ireland pledges to eliminate 60 tonnes of food waste in 2023

To date, Aldi has saved almost 1,100 tonnes of food from going to waste through partnership with charity FoodCloud



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10 January 2023

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Aldi Ireland has pledged to eliminate at least 60 tonnes of food waste in 2023 as the retailer welcomed the government’s New National Food Waste Prevention Roadmap.

To date, Aldi has saved almost 1,100 tonnes of food from going to waste by donating the equivalent of 2.6 million meals to their charity partner FoodCloud. By doing so, 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided.

Aldi has also recently donated 19 pallets of stock to FoodCloud through its Food for Good programme, while a food collection programme in operation among staff at Aldi HQ in Naas has donated over 2,600 meals to Naas Food Bank.

Aldi Ireland’s 2023 pledge will see the company increase on the waste reduction efforts undertaken to date, as the retailer continues to work every day to cut down on food waste across its operations.

Earlier this year, research commissioned by Aldi alongside FoodCloud found that two-thirds of Irish households are uncomfortable with amount of food waste they generate, while 47% of those surveyed said that they throw out food every week.

“Aldi will continue to explore opportunities to cut food waste across our operations and will eliminate more than 60 tonnes of food waste in 2023,” said Niall O’Connor, group managing director Aldi Ireland. “This will build on the 1,100 tonnes of food we have already saved from going to waste, through our partnership with FoodCloud.

“As we continue to work every day to cut down on waste – not just food waste, but also packaging, plastic and non-recyclables – from across our entire operations, we are very pleased to welcome the government’s announcement of the new National Food Waste Prevention Roadmap 2023-2025. We fully support the priority actions in the Roadmap and are committed to playing our part in delivering on them in the years ahead.”



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