Aldi and Lidl winning the post-Christmas detox wars

Category penetration for stir-fry veg and juicing ingredients has remained largely unchanged for Dunnes, SuperValu and Tesco, but has risen for the discounters, according to new data from Reep



1 February 2016

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Sales of stir-fry vegetables and juicing ingredients have increased significantly at Aldi and Lidl during January, according to new data from consumer insight business, Reep.

Reep considered shopper behaviour in the post-Christmas detox period; analysing the baskets of 3,293 individual shoppers between 21 December 2015 and 11 January 2016. The company focused on purchases of stir-fry vegetables as well as popular juicing ingredients like carrots, courgettes, spinach and kale.

During the holidays, these vegetable subcategories were represented in about 4% of baskets. Since January, this level of category penetration has changed little for Dunnes, Supervalu and Tesco. However it has increased to 6% for Lidl and almost 8% for Aldi. According to Paul Guy of Reep, this means that for consumers who shop at the discounters, far more are now including these vegetables in their basket – almost twice as many in the case of Aldi.

What about footfall? Reep data indicates that there has been a significant increase in the total number of customers visiting both Lidl and Aldi since the holiday period. However, customer numbers for Dunnes, Supervalu and Tesco are down following the Christmas rush. In summary, Reep says more customers are visiting the discounters since the end of the holiday period, and more of the discounters’ customers are including healthy/detox type vegetables in their shop. “It appears that Aldi and Lidl are clearly winning the post-Christmas detox wars,” said Paul Guy.



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