Advertising & promotion legislation unlikely before Summer

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Department of Health legislation in relation to the advertising and promotion of alcohol among other related aspects is unlikely to appear before the Summer recess according to a spokesperson for the Department of Health, as work on developing a framework for the necessary legislation continues.



29 May 2013

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Proposals in relation to alcohol on foot of the National Substance Misuse Strategy 2012 report continues “to be finalized and cover all areas mentioned in the report,” according to the spokesperson, including legislation on Minimum Unit Pricing, controls on advertising and sponsorship, labeling of alcohol products and measures on access and availability of alcohol.

“The Cabinet Committee on Social Policy has considered these proposals and it is intended to bring forward a finalised package of proposals for consideration by Government shortly,” the spokesperson told Drinks Industry Ireland, adding that, “A health impact assessment is being commissioned in conjunction with Northern Ireland as part of the process of developing a legislative basis for MUP.

“The health impact assessment will study the impact of different minimum prices on a range of areas such as health, crime and likely economic impact.”



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