Adversity, triumphs, and a lot of booze

Caroline Byrne, editor
Caroline Byrne, editor

Doom and gloom isn't dampening our spirits this month as we go to press with our Christmas issue



12 November 2008

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Nobody could accuse this year of being dull anyway. A banking crisis followed by a budget crisis; the students are out, the pensioners are out, the teechers are up in arms, and the rest don’t know if we’re coming or going – it’s so much more exciting than boring old economic stability.

Having said that however, I think we’re all getting a little hard pressed to remain interested in falling bank shares and foreclosures, so thank heavens for the US elections! It was almost as if doom and gloom was suspended for a whole day while everybody felt a little bit of the excitement at the arrival of the first black American president. Now if that’s not a reminder to us all in challenging times of triumphing against the odds then I don’t know what is.

Speaking of triumphs, we have a lot of them in ShelfLife this month. Mr Tayto himself, Raymond Coyle, talks about the success story of Largo Foods. How a humble potato farmer who once supplied Ireland’s biggest crisp brand eventually became its owner – having battled through tougher times than these too.

A battler of a symbol group, XL Stop & Shop has opened its 100th new image store, bringing the total number under the banner to 132. That’s pretty good going since its launch in 1997, and there are plans to expand with a further 10 stores in 2009, along with nine more revamps, so keep up the good work. Click here to read the store profile.

The National Off-Licence Association held its annual wine show, announcing the winners of the coveted Gold Star Awards (page 44). This has been a very happy year for Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, who swiped Wine of the Year 2008 with its Domaine Long Depaquit Chablis AC 2007, and Red wine of the Year for its Wyndham Estate George Wyndham Shiraz 2005, in addition to six other gongs.

And finally, Paul Burke from Volkswagen in our Commercial Vehicles feature gave some surprising words of wisdom for dealing with the tougher times, and who better to know it these days than a motor dealer. Burke’s advice, especially regarding discounting, could apply to any business, so worth a read too.

The Christmas features

It’s official. The Christmas marathon has started, hard as that is to believe. This month,we run through a lot, A LOT, of alcoholic beverages for your customers’ festive pleasure – and hopefully your own!. Finally, we list the ‘essentials’ of the Christmas shop, covering everything from confectionery to turkey roasting bags, and all you need to know about the who’s who of Christmas biscuits. All there is for us to do now is wish our readers the best of luck with trading this Christmas and we hope you have a cool Yule too! Bon Noël.



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