ABFI welcomes 2.4% increase in drink exports

Pressure on exports caused by Brexit demands a rethink by the government
Pressure on exports caused by Brexit demands a rethink by the government

The Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland has welcomed CSO export figures showing that beverage exports grew by 2.4% in 2012.



27 February 2013

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In an indication of the potential of the sector, drinks industry exports outperformed total goods which increased by 0.9%.
ABFI, which represents drinks manufacturers and suppliers in Ireland, stated that drinks exports in 2012 were valued at €1.1 billion, a rise of €26 million on 2011 data.

Individual drinks categories such as whiskey, beer and cider all continued to grow as the demand for Irish drinks products on international markets continues to build. In 2012, over 9.1 million kegs of beer and 50 million bottles of whiskey were exported.
Acting ABFI Director Jean Doyle said, “The announcement of further growth in drinks industry exports shows the potential for the drinks industry to help support Irish economic recovery through export growth”. She pointed out that the drinks industry is a hugely important sector of the Irish economy contributing over €2 billion in taxation revenue per annum, supporting over 62,000 local jobs and according to a report by DCU’s Tony Foley, published recently, responsible for total purchases of over €2.8 billion each year.

She went on to highlight the “truly great” growth potential for the drinks sector.

“Under the Harvest 2020 blueprint for the future of the agriculture sector drawn up by the Department of Agriculture, an ambitious target of €12bn for Irish food and drink exports by the year 2020 is set out,” stated Jean Doyle, “Given the right conditions the drinks industry can play a significant role in attaining that growth target.

“However, while endeavouring to increase our exports we must also be aware of the importance of a solid domestic market,” she stressed, “Without a strong domestic base the industry will be unable to establish itself as a major competitor on global exports markets. The Government must be cognisant of this when devising legislation which will affect the industry and its ability to market, promote and sell its products.

“ABFI would encourage the Government to work with the drinks industry to build on this export potential and capitalise on the growing demand for Irish drinks products in international markets.”



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