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Across the marketplace, health and wellbeing continues to be an integral focus for consumers and the cooked meats category is no different. Fortunately, leading brands have stepped up to the plate, emphasising their natural and wholesome credentials


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23 January 2020

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A hero category in-store, a survey of more than 10,500 respondents conducted by Shopper Intelligence, shows the cooked meats category both drives shoppers into the store and that they are also likely to spend more on these products. As the research, outlined in more detail in the panel overleaf shows, consumers can be tempted to trade up in-store, paying more for premium and the opportunity to try something new or different. An artisanal image, credentials and packaging are important in driving these sales.

This ties in with the findings of a previous study, commissioned by Homebird and carried out by Ignite Research among 1,000 Irish consumers, published in January 2018. This found a huge 87% of consumers purchase cooked pre-packed meats, while 69% consume the product up to five times per week. 

When asked to rate the importance of factors influencing their food purchasing decisions, 53% of Irish consumers rated ‘price’ as very important. Freshness and quality ranked higher than value for money; 69.5% said ‘freshness’ is very important, and 65% said the same for ‘quality’.

The Ignite study reported 80% of consumers check the label of meat products that they purchase, with over half (57%) checking specifically for the country of origin. 56% check if the product was produced in Ireland, while almost one-fifth check if the product packaging is recyclable.

Fresh look, same great taste

100% natural, the Green Farm range provides a nourishing addition to any sandwich, salad, stir fry or snack

Leading brand Green Farm is relaunching this January with a completely new look, cementing the brand in the territory of health and wellness.

Green Farm is a tasty cooked meat choice that is always 100% natural. The range of chicken, turkey and beef is high in protein to provide a nourishing addition to any sandwich, salad, stir fry or snack. The company has built a reputation as a purveyor of high-quality cooked meats and though the brand is relaunching with a fresh new look, the same great-tasting product remains.

Green Farm has a rich heritage of keeping the health and wellbeing of the consumer as a key focus. A marked milestone on this journey was the removal of artificial flavours and preservatives from all Green Farm products in 2011.

Since then, the brand has consistently delivered innovation in chicken, turkey and beef products, supported by recipe inspiration, to make eating well easy for the consumer. The new pack design aims to elevate these brand credentials.

Green Farm is also taking a positive step in the realm of sustainability with the new pack consisting of a recyclable tray and recyclable sleeve.



Keeping it in the family  

Carved from a single pork joint with no added water, Brady Family Ham is proud to use only 100% Irish pork

From its home in Timahoe, County Kildare, Brady Family Ham continues to grow within the cooked meats category and is now firmly established as the number one cooked meats brand for Irish consumers, holding its category leading position for the second year running, according to Nielsen Scan Track Data from April 2018 – April 2019.

Brady Family Ham is made from 100% Irish pork, carved from a single pork joint and contains no added water. First established in 1978, the brand is renowned for its high quality, having built up a strong reputation with consumers and retailers over the years through its award-winning delicatessen range.  It is the only leading ham brand that consistently carries the Bord Bia Quality mark, which provides reassurance for consumers that Brady Family products are 100% Irish and meet the highest quality standards.

With a strong focus on innovation, the brand continues to stay relevant and attract new shoppers. In addition to its delicatessen hams, the Brady Family pre-pack range includes premium carved topside ham, a Just Add shredded range which is ideal for a convenient dinner solution and award-winning pre-cooked Christmas hams. In May of 2019, the brand launched its Master Butcher Edition, a new whole muscle sliced delicatessen ham, which is a delicious addition to a charcuterie board or perfect for a special lunch occasion.

2019 was an exciting year for Brady Family with the launch of its famous and award winning ‘It’s your only ham’ campaign across TV, video on demand, radio, social media and in-store. The new campaign is a celebration of the quality and craft behind Brady Family Ham and highlights why it has become such a leading favourite with Irish consumers.


A special anniversary

This year sees the Denny brand mark its 200th birthday. Since 1820, Denny has been a staple of fridges all over Ireland. Whether it’s making sure that kids’ lunchboxes are filled, midnight cravings are met or Sunday mornings kick off with the full works, the brand is proud to serve its reliable and trusted Denny everyday range.

According to the company, exploration is in the DNA of Denny chefs, taking inspiration from the original man himself, the brand’s founding father Henry Denny. The Denny craft range experiments with cures, flavours and more, indulging those looking for a taste of tradition with a twist.

Whether it’s Denny’s Fire & Smoke range – inspired by a trip to the Deep South, the birthplace of BBQ, or its four-day Bord Bia Dry Cure ham, the range is constantly evolving so keep an eye out!

Staying fresh in consumers’ minds

Made with loving care in Tullamore from only the finest pork, Carroll’s describes its hams are succulent and uniquely tasty for ham lovers. With 40 years’ experience and as a proud winner of the 2019 Blas na hÉireann award, Carroll’s Delicatessen Hams are testament to the company’s craft. With masterful skill, Carroll’s is confident its cooked meats are as good as homemade.

Served daily, fresh at local delicatessen counters and freshly sliced in front of the consumer to their liking, whether thick or wafer thin, the brand’s marketing reminds consumers that they can ‘buy as much or as little as you like, just remember to #Askforcarrolls’.

The Caroll’s portfolio includes the following options:

New York Deli: Stack it high and take a big bite of it! This tasty range features delicately shaved ham, chicken, turkey and pastrami. Inspired by the tastes of New York, the New York Deli range delivers the true deli experience to the consumer’s own home.

Signature Roasts: Carroll’s Signature Roasts range provides the perfect balance of convenience and flavour for those looking for high quality cooked poultry. Carefully crafted to ensure the perfect slice or bite for consumers to enjoy however they like! Versatile and convenient, this range of white meat makes life easy. Ideal for sandwiches, salads, stir-fry or wraps, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy this range.

Original Deli: Carroll’s Original Deli range is an ideal fridge filler for households that love great quality food at an everyday affordable price. Made from 100% Bord Bia assured Irish Pork, this range guarantees taste and quality for all. With its innovative resealable packaging, this pack stays fresh in the fridge for longer.

Premium Irish: Carroll’s Premium Irish range is a range of delicious products distinct to Carroll’s. This premium range is made from 100% Bord Bia assured pork and beef making it completely traceable from farm to fork. Slowly cooked and made with no added water this range is given extra attention to ensure excellence in succulent and taste.

A brand-new look 

Horgan’s Delicatessen Supplies introduced a fresh new look for the Horgan’s branded range in 2019. Well established in Irish retail since the 1970s, the Horgan’s brand has a strong reputation within the marketplace.

Due to popular demand, Horgan’s launched three of its award-winning deli/bulk beef products in sliced pre-pack format in first quarter 2019. This range includes Horgan’s Sliced Corned Beef, Horgan’s New York Style Pastrami and Horgan’s Irish Silverside Spiced Beef.

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