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11 January 2023 | 0

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With the new year fast approaching, many consumers will be turning towards e-cigarettes and vaping products in a bid to reduce or quit smoking. And for good reason. Vaping is shown to be highly effective as a smoking cessation tool. The 2019 Healthy Ireland survey, which was funded by the Department of Health, showed that when compared to Nicotine Replacement Therapy, vaping produced four times the successful quit attempts. That same survey revealed that 38% of Irish smokers who made an attempt to quit smoking in 2019 used an e-cigarette as an aid.

Meanwhile, the ‘National Drug and Alcohol Survey (NDAS) 2019-2020’, also funded by the Department of Health, found that 55.9% of vapers were ex-smokers, while 39.6% were current smokers, and just 4.5% had never smoked tobacco. In next month’s magazine, ShelfLife will help you prepare to meet your adult consumers’ needs as we highlight over the next few pages, the manufacturers delivering high-quality, fully tested and comprehensively regulated vapor products and e-cigarettes.

JTI says it has consistently innovated, added new flavours, and grown its product range to meet adult consumers and customers’ needs

Never standing still

Logic Compact is a rechargeable (re-usable) pod system which allows adult consumers to easily change flavours without cleaning or maintenance

The vaping category has continued to grow and evolve; yet one aspect that JTI says remains constant is its commitment to providing high quality products that meet strict standards.

Since JTI launched Logic Compact three years ago, JTI says it has consistently innovated, added new flavours, and grown its product range to meet adult consumers and customers’ needs.

Logic Compact is a rechargeable (re-usable) pod system, which allows adult consumers to easily change flavours without cleaning or maintenance.

The team are adamant that they ‘don’t stand still at Logic’; and that retailers will see continued innovation and product enhancement for Logic Compact as the brand maintains its focus and resources on the growing pod segment.

JTI’s salesforce and its customer services team is on hand to provide expert support and advice about the Logic range and help you maximise vaping category sales. You can order Logic products through the web ordering portal JTI Engage, your local JTI trade marketer, by calling JTI customer services on 01-404-5400, or through the cash and carry channel.

Important update for retailers: Government agrees to further regulation of e-cigarettes

The Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly and the Minister for Public Health, Frank Feighan, on 22 November received government approval to introduce additional restrictions on the sale and advertising of nicotine inhaling products such as e-cigarettes.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said the government’s new measures are “designed to protect our children and young people from starting to vape”

Under the new proposals, the sale of e-cigarettes (and related nicotine inhaling products) will be prohibited from self-service vending machines, from temporary or mobile premises and at places or events for children. In addition, advertisements for e-cigarettes will be prohibited on public transport, in cinemas and near schools.

Bill expected by year-end

The proposals will be incorporated into the Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Bill which is currently being drafted. The bill is expected to be finalised and published by year-end. The legislation will be designed to regulate any product that can be used for the consumption of nicotine-containing vapour or any component of that product.

The bill already contains measures to ban the sale of nicotine inhaling products to those under the age of 18 and to introduce a licensing system for the retail sale of tobacco products and nicotine inhaling products. Other measures contained in the bill include:

  • prohibiting the sale of tobacco products and nicotine inhaling products by persons under 18 years of age
  • prohibiting the sale of tobacco products from self-service vending machines, from temporary or mobile units and at events or locations for children
  • introducing minimum suspension periods for retailers convicted of offences
  • introducing fixed penalty notices for offences

Minister for Public Health, Frank Feighan said the government recognises that “nicotine inhaling products are used by some adult smokers to assist them to quit tobacco smoking”

“These measures are designed to protect our children and young people from starting to vape. We recognise that nicotine is a highly addictive drug, and we are acting today to make these products less accessible to our young people and to remove the advertising for these products from our children’s everyday lives,” said Minister Donnelly.

The Minister of State with responsibility for Public Health, Well Being and the National Drugs Strategy, Frank Feighan, welcomed the government’s approval of the measures, noting: “Tobacco smoking continues to kill approximately 4,500 people in our country each year. We recognise that nicotine inhaling products are used by some adult smokers to assist them to quit tobacco smoking. However, we are clear that these products are of no benefit to our children and young people or to non-smokers and that is why we are taking this action.”

Irish Heart Foundation

Previously, earlier in November and prior to the government’s latest statement outlined above, The Irish Heart Foundation and the ASH Ireland Council of the Irish Heart Foundation, in partnership with the Tobacco 21 Alliance held a special event in the Oireachtas on Tobacco 21: The case for raising the legal age for the sale of tobacco and e-cigarettes in Ireland.

The Tobacco 21 Alliance had called for the legal age for the sale of all forms of tobacco and e-cigarettes in Ireland to be raised from 18 to 21 as it stated that evidence shows it reduces youth smoking and deters people from starting to smoke in the first place.

The T21 event which took place on Wednesday, 9 November, included a number of speakers including Chris Macey, director of advocacy, Irish Heart Foundation, Norma Cronin, chairperson, ASH Ireland, Council of the Irish Heart Foundation, Dr Emmet O’Brien, consultant respiratory physician, Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, and Aoife Ní Riain, youth speaker from the Limerick Comhairle na nÓg alumni.

CSNA response

However, the Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association (CSNA) stated in response to this advocacy, that the suggestion that the age restrictions for tobacco sales (currently 18) and vaping (none currently) would be raised to 21, would be of particular concern to the association.

The CSNA said it would have serious difficulty with the proposal on two grounds. Firstly, that banning existing smokers aged 18 and over from accessing tobacco products would lead to very difficult safety concerns for many of the CSNA’s members and their staff. Secondly, the CSNA also stated it would be very concerned that the change would lead to restrictions on the age that shop staff must be to sell tobacco.

Convenience and power combined!

The Vuse ePod 2 has a sleek and distinctive angular design

With the Vype to Vuse transition, BAT Ireland promised further innovation from the Vuse brand and the company is happy to say that it is upgrading its current ePod device to the ePod 2. 

With this upgraded device, Vuse says it is giving consumers a product that fits seamlessly into their lives, combining convenience and power in a sleek, and distinctive, angular design. The new design allows Vuse’s consumers to stand out and express themselves through two premium metallic colours, while enhanced features like fast charging, vape while charging and splash-proof design solve key needs and make a difference in the everyday vaping experience.

Retailers do not need to do anything! There are no changes to barcodes as this is an upgrade to the current ePod device. The ePod 2 will just flow through as retailers place orders when their current stock runs out. You will start to notice the upgraded devices packs in shops soon.

There are a lot of more exciting things to come for the Vuse brand in the near future and BAT Ireland says it looks forward to sharing more with its retail partners soon.

Watch this space!

If you wish to place any orders for Vuse products, visit the website b2b.pjcarroll.ie or speak to your BAT representative.

A brand consumers are looking for

Hale Vaping is one of Ireland’s leading brands in the vape sector and has excelled thanks to its network of 75 dedicated vape stores throughout the country. Hale also supplies over 3,000 convenience locations with Irish-made products, produced in its ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility in Carlow. Hale liquid is the only e-liquid to carry the Guaranteed Irish mark and all of Hale’s e-liquid is manufactured using four core ingredients, all of which carry full certification of analysis and QA certification.

All of Hale’s e-liquid is manufactured using four core ingredients, all of which carry full certification of analysis and QA certification.

Demand for vaping products is soaring and set to increase, globally, in excess of $35.5 billion in the next few years. The Hale brand is the brand of choice with consumers, due to its retail footprint as this is the place smokers go to get the information they need to make the switch.  Hale gives the retailer a great opportunity to increase sales in the category, drive footfall, with incremental sales across other categories.

Impressively, Hale Vaping has claimed the number one position for volume sales and the number two position for sales value in convenience. (Source: NielsenIQ June 2022)

Hale Vaping and Tyco Distribution offer an unrivalled range of specialist retail services that include category management and marketing services. Hale adds real value to its customers and offers very impressive margins for retailers, in fact, Hale offers the highest margins in the vaping category.

Tyco Distribution and Hale Vaping offer a retailer a fully category solution for vaping products including specialist gantry units, data driven planograms and a brand that consumers are looking for.

Recycling programme

The vaping sector has seen huge growth over the past 12 months and a lot of this is credited to the disposable category. There has been some media coverage lately of the issue around the disposing of disposables and this is something we all need to be aware of and also to tackle as best we can. All retailers should have a WEEE battery box in-store and they need to ensure that these boxes are visible to the consumer so that they can return their used disposable so that they are going for recycling. WEEE Ireland has set up a recycling programme to ensure that the disposables, when returned, are sent for recycling.

Hale Vaping has rolled out the recycle programme into all its 75 stores to give the consumer visibility of the WEEE boxes and to encourage recycling

Retailers need to have a WEEE box in store and to get the box, when full, sent back to WEEE Ireland so they can do their part, and this should help us all in doing the right thing for the disposable category.

Tyco Distribution and Creative Distribution have started to send WEEE boxes to all retailers to ensure that they are in all stores and should any retailer require a WEEE box, then get in touch with your Tyco rep to arrange this.

Hale Vaping has rolled out the recycle programme into all its 75 stores to give the consumer visibility of the WEEE boxes and encourage the disposable customers to bring their used product back for recycling. Hale believes that if we all do our part on this issue, we should be able to tackle the problem and make sure that as many disposable products back are returned for recycling as possible.

Innovative premium portfolio

VaporLinQ’s range includes the new innovation, Klik Klaks, which give consumers the ability to combine and create their own flavours

VaporLinQ is constantly expanding its portfolio of premium e-liquids and vape devices. The company’s products can be found at major retailers across Ireland such as Applegreen, EuroGiant and Spar. All VaporLinQ’s products are fully TPD compliant and are trusted by vapers all over Europe. The wide range of flavours and strengths available helps customers find the perfect flavour, strength and device that fits their lifestyle — whilst enabling adult cigarette smokers to quit for good.

Over the last year, disposable vapes have rapidly taken over the vape industry. The devices are completely hassle-free with no charge required and last for up to 600 puffs, perfect for those on-the-go vapers. Crystal Bars are a leader in the sector, with a whopping 40 flavours to choose from. VaporLinQ Puff Bars give customers the choice between 20mg and 0mg across 17 diverse flavours.

All VaporLinQ’s products are fully TPD compliant and are trusted by vapers all over Europe

The latest innovation in the disposable vape sector is Klik Klaks. This product gives the user the ability to combine and create their own flavours. There are currently 10 single flavours that can create 55 unique combinations. When combined, the users receive up to 1,200 puffs of smooth nicotine salts while enjoying a more powerful pull. Klik Klak devices help users invest in a longer lasting vape that is interchangeable to their preferences on any given day. VaporLinQ is proud to be the master distributor for Klik Klaks, both in Ireland and across Europe.

Find VaporLinQ’s full range of products on vaporlinq.net.

All VaporLinQ’s products are fully TPD compliant and are trusted by vapers all over Europe

Stephen Ryan Jr

Q: When was VaporLinQ established and what was the inspiration behind the company?

A: The VaporLinQ brand was acquired by our Superior E-Liquids network in 2019 and has grown to become a business pillar ever since. It was founded in the Netherlands in 2015, and quickly became a market leader in the industry. This rapid success caught our attention as we saw an opportunity to break into the mainland European market. We’re proud of our premium products and want to share them with all adult cigarette smokers on their journeys to quitting.

Q: What partnerships has VaporLinQ established in Ireland and how have these strengthened your business?

A: VaporLinQ’s relationship with its distribution partner PMS International has been fundamental to the company’s success thus far. Our Irish retail partners include major outlets such as Applegreen, EuroGiant and Spar, and these partnerships have solidified VaporLinQ’s reputation within the industry.

Q: How significantly has VaporLinQ grown since conception?

A: VaporLinQ’s growth pattern has been consistently steady, and although rising costs have been an issue, we have continued to supply customers with a range of premium vaping products. We have over 50 employees at our factory in Coshquin, Derry, and have plans to bring a variety of highly skilled jobs to the business.

Q: What attributes make the VaporLinQ Puff Bars, Crystal Bars and KlikKlak products stand out from the competition and how do they compare in terms of price/value for the consumer?

A: VaporLinQ Puff Bars e-liquids contain 2% nicotine salts for smoother pulls, and users can taste the added quality for a more competitive price point.

Crystal Bars have a unique mesh coil which provides superior liquid arborisation and delivers clean flavours. This product also has 40 flavours available, meaning customers can find their favourites, or try something new.

Klik Klaks, when combined, offer users up to 1,200 puffs and are fully interchangeable, providing an interactive experience for users. The patented magnetic technology holds these innovative devices in place, and it is also important to note that Klik Klaks are Europe’s only fully TPD-compliant 4ml e-liquid device.

Q: What are VaporLinQ’s growth plans for the next 12 months and how do you plan to achieve these targets?

A: VaporLinQ continues to ambitiously target bolstering the variety of products available to consumers, as well as increasing our visibility within industry circles. We regularly attend several trade shows across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe as they provide a premium platform to showcase what we do. As mentioned, our expansion will also result in the creation of various job roles and advance our ability to better service our customers.



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