28% of overseas visitors eat in a pub every 24 hours

Pubs scored a 42% ‘very good’ rating for quality and freshness of ingredients.
Pubs scored a 42% ‘very good’ rating for quality and freshness of ingredients.

Some 28% of overseas holidaymakers eat in a pub every 24 hours and 45% think that the way in which pub food is cooked/prepared is ‘very good’ according to the latest set of figures from Fáilte Ireland’s Visitor Attitudes Survey from May to October last year, just published.



4 June 2013

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51% think that the way in which the food was cooked/prepared rated a ‘good’ and 3% rated this a ‘fair’. There were no unfavourable results from this question for pubs.

By contrast, 32% had eaten in a hotel and 34% in a restaurant. 57% of hotels and 55% of restaurants rated a ‘very good’ for food cooking/preparation while 40% of hotels and restaurants merited a ‘good’ rating here.

Quality & Freshness
Pubs scored a 42% ‘very good’ rating for quality and freshness of ingredients while hotels and restaurants scored 54% in this area. Where 53% of pubs scored a ‘good’ rating here, hotels and restaurants both rated 42%.

Availability of Irish/regional dishes
Pubs also fell some way behind hotels and restaurants when it came to overseas visitors’ assessment of the availability of distinctly Irish/regional dishes with a ‘very good’ rating of 37%. Restaurants merited this from 43% and hotels merited this from 48%.
Pubs were rated ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ in this area by 2%.

Knowledgeable staff
However pubs trail restaurants and hotels when it comes to knowledge of staff about the menu (eg dishes and/or where the food is sourced) where pubs got a ‘very good’ rating from 37% and restaurants received this rating from 43% and hotels 48%. However pubs scored a higher 48% in the ‘good’ rating here than restaurants (41%) or hotels (40%).

Professionalism & Efficiency

The professionalism and efficiency of service was rated ‘very good’ for pubs by 45%, for restaurants by 49% and for hotels by 54%.
The ‘good’ rating was given to pubs by 50% where restaurants were given a ‘good’ rating by 45% and hotels by 41%.

Pubs got a ‘very good’ rating for value-for-money from just 29% where restaurants got this rating from 32% and hotels from 37%. Pubs got a ‘good’ rating for value-for-money by 54% set against 48% for restaurants and 49% for hotels. 2% gave pubs a ‘poor’ rating here.

Overall experience
The overall experience was marked ‘very good’ in pubs by 37%, by 44% in restaurants and by 50% in hotels. The ‘good’ rating here was given to pubs by 58% while restaurants got a 49% and hotels a 47%.

Buying Irish

When asked ‘Were any of the ingredients used for the meal identified as Irish?’ 65% of overseas visitors stated ‘yes’ for pubs, the same as for restaurants.
71% stated ‘yes’ for hotels.
14% said ‘no’ in the case of pubs, 18% for restaurants and 13% for hotels.



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