20 quick questions with…Fiona Hodgins, head of Brand at Edelman Ireland

Fiona Hodgins

Edelman Ireland's Fiona Hodgins reveals her likes, loves and loathes in our round of quick-fire questions



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15 May 2015

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  1.  Do you breakfast or ‘deskfast’ in the mornings?

I never leave the house without breakfast first, so good food at an unspeakably early time is a fairly normal start to my day.

  1. How do you get to work?

Luas, with a walk when I feel virtuous enough to get off early.

  1. Favourite time of the day?

Pre-9am as I have an untarnished view of what needs to be done.

  1. Best ad on telly?

The integrated #ThisGirlCan from Sport England really turned my head this year.

  1. Worst ad on telly?

Thankfully, this ad is not currently on TV, but the Chanel No 5 ad with Brad Pitt was a ‘journey’ I would rather not have been taken on.

  1. Best new product (outside of the brands you represent)?

The Apple Watch.

  1. How do you get your news; print or web?

I work in communications marketing, so I probably consume more than most, but the honest answer is from multiple sources dependent on time of day. Radio (Newstalk or Radio One) alongside Twitter when commuting.

  1. Favourite grocery shop?

SuperValu. In the interests of full disclosure they are an agency client so I know them well. However, their Food Academy programme, which gives Irish food start-ups their first big chance has introduced a wealth of new generation, quality Irish food companies and products to Irish consumers.

  1. International product you would like to see available in Ireland?

Sephora beauty products would be a welcome addition.

  1. Facebook or twitter?

Fast, easy consumable news and insights from sources I trust, make it Twitter without hesitation.

  1. Favourite website?

theoutnet.com is great for sourcing clothes for upcoming work and life events.

  1. Favourite politician?

I personally like Leo Varadkar’s commitment to calling it, usually like it is.

  1. Most annoying public figure?

Can vary depending on the day.

  1. Biggest fear?

That the delicate algorithm that governs the balance between my family and my work becomes consistently disproportionate.

  1. Greatest achievement to date?

Maintaining the balance as best I can between having a job I genuinely enjoy which involves solving business problems for clients with having two gorgeous small people who have a disarmingly frank and open view of the world and me.

  1. Favourite quote?

“Never assume the obvious is true.” William Safire, US author and columnist.

  1. Cash or card?

Card, cash adds non-necessary tasks like visiting the ATM to my day and besides, contactless gets you in and out so efficiently.

  1. Pop or rock?

Pop, unapologetically.

  1. What’s the best thing about living in Ireland?

Culture and gastronomy.

  1. What’s the last compliment you received?

“Your board is perfectly balanced.” High praise from a tough audience in the weekly #EdelCheese club.



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