20 quick questions with…..Peter Mark Wheeler, Subway franchisee

Peter Mark Wheeler
Peter Mark Wheeler

Subway franchisee Peter Mark Wheeler reveals all about his likes, loves and loathes



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12 March 2015

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1. Do you breakfast or ‘deskfast’ in the mornings? Breakfast. I eat at home most mornings and, as you would expect, I have a breakfast Sub in the store about twice a week.

2. How do you get to work? I would love to walk or cycle but my stores are too far from my home so I drive every day. That also means I have the flexibility to visit both stores.

3. Favourite time of the day? 7am in the morning because it’s the start of a new day.

4. Best ad on telly?  Easy Jet’s advert, I think it’s really funny.

5. Worst ad on telly? The NoNonsense.ie ad really annoys me.

6. Best new product (outside of the brands you represent)? Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft is very cool.

7. How do you get your news; print or web? On mobile becasue I’m always on the go.

8. Favourite grocery shop? Londis because of its good product range and value.

9. International product you would like to see available in Ireland? In & Out Burger – they’re delicious.

10. Facebook or twitter? Facebook

11. Favourite website? eBay

12. Favourite politician? I have no interest in politics so can’t name a favourite politician.

13. Most annoying public figure? There’s no one who particularly annoys me.

14. Biggest fear? Fear of not being successful.

15. Greatest achievement to date? Have to plug my own business here so becoming a Subway franchisee.

16. Favourite quote? You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

17. Cash or card? Card

18. Pop or Rock? Rock

19. What’s the best thing about living in Ireland? It rains lots – I think this is great!

20. What’s the last compliment you received? You are extremely good at making Subs.



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