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Irish home-grown brands, Avonmore, Brennans and Denny, once again reign supreme, occupying the top three spots in ShelfLife’s 2015 100 Master Brands at Home feature, compiled by Kantar Worldpanel. But who are this year’s biggest brand movers and shakers and what learnings can this deliver for Ireland’s ongoing category development?


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18 June 2015

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MasterLogoHow is the Kantar Worldpanel Brand Footprint calculated?

Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint is based on research from 63% of the global population; a total of 956 million households across 35 countries, and 68% of the global GDP. The complete ranking comprises over 200 FMCG categories tracked around the world by Kantar Worldpanel across the beverages, food, health and beauty, homecare, alcoholic drinks, confectionery and nappies sectors. The ranking is based on an innovative metric created by Kantar Worldpanel called Consumer Reach Points, which measures every time a consumer chooses a brand. The data for this year’s ranking was collected over the 52 week period between October 2013 and October 2014. All data relates to purchases that are brought into the home.

What this research IS:

  • Data is sourced from 3,000 demographically representative Irish households recording their take home grocery
  • Comprises over 200 FMCG categories which are recorded by Kantar Worldpanel on a continuous basis – including those in the beverages, food, health and beauty and home and care sectors
  • The list is based on a measure of how many households purchased a brand at least once (penetration), and the average number of times households bought the brand (frequency)
  • These two numbers are multiplied to calculate each brand’s ‘Consumer Reach Points’ (CRP) score
  • The report covers the period of 52 w/e October 2013 vs 52 w/e October 2014
  • Kantar Worldpanel contacted respondents on average at least twice a week
  • Kantar Worldpanel provided households with barcode scanners in order to scan the goods that they had purchased during for at home consumption

What this research IS NOT:

  • It is not based on sales or EPOS data, measuring either value or volume sales
  • The data does not reflect food purchased and eaten out of the home
  • Impulse pack products have been excluded from the dataset
  • The following categories are not included in the Brand Footprint ranking: batteries, pet food, tobacco, nappies or alcoholic drinks

In highly positive news for our indigenous economy, Irish brands have once again come up trumps in Kantar Worldpanel’s annual ranking of Ireland’s most chosen FMCG brands. In ShelfLife’s third ‘100 Master Brands at Home’ report compiled by Kantar, consumer support for the nation’s home-grown brands remains as strong as ever, with Avonmore, Brennans and Denny once again topping the list.

The 2015 100 Master Brands at Home ranking measures which brands are being bought by the most consumers, the most often. Avonmore has retained the number one top spot, with its products being picked an average of 27 times a year by 77.8% of the population. Backed by a national campaign featuring a number of Ireland’s leading sports personalities, Avonmore’s new Protein Milk range has helped it retain the top spot for the third year in a row.

Top performers

Dublin-based bread maker Brennans takes second place in the Irish ranking, purchased 24 times a year by 69.9% of the population, followed by Denny (17 times by 76.3%).  Jacob’s comes in fifth place (17 times by 81.7%), while canned food specialist Batchelors is tenth, bought 11 times a year by 70.3% of the population.

Knorr is the only brand to appear in both the Irish and global Brand Footprint top 10, lying in eighth place worldwide and securing the fourth place spot in Ireland.

While the top 10 Irish ranking is made up exclusively of food and drink brands the global ranking paints a different picture, with a more diverse range of FMCG brands including health and beauty favourites such as Colgate and Dove as well as household and hygiene products.

Loyalties lie at home

David Berry, director at Kantar Worldpanel, explains: “With home-grown brands leading the way as the nation’s favourites, Irish consumers have demonstrated where their loyalties lie. Despite strong competition from a number of major global names, domestic brands and their traditional offerings are resonating with shoppers as they look to choose the products that they know and trust.

“Enduring brand loyalty has offered Irish FMCG producers the opportunity to successfully expand into new product lines, even in well established markets. Avonmore’s new Protein Milk range has helped to give it the edge this year, with its memorable ‘Be ready’ campaign connecting with customers on a more personal level.”

Robert Jordan, head of beverages and innovation at Glanbia, said: “We’re delighted that Avonmore remains Ireland’s most bought grocery brand. With a major focus on innovation over the last year – from new Protein Milk, to ‘one-twist’ open milk cartons, and a major ‘vitamin D’ campaign for Super Milk – it’s great to see that consumers have responded so well to these initiatives.”

Top 10’s biggest mover

Elsewhere, Birds Eye has been the biggest mover in the top 10, rising four places to seventh position – thanks in part to the launch of its ‘Inspirations’ product range. The brand has seen the highest growth in frequency of purchases among the top of the ranking, increasing by 13.4% to an average of 12 times a year. Biscuit brand McVities is a new entry to the top ten, moving up two places to ninth position.

Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint ranking reveals the strength of brands in 35 countries around the world, across the food, beverage, health and beauty and homecare sectors.  It uses an insightful metric called Consumer Reach Points which measures how many households around the world are buying a brand (its penetration) and how often (the number of times shoppers acquire the brand).

This unique calculation of penetration and frequency helps FMCG manufacturers to clearly understand their UK and global reach in terms of actual basket reach and provides a vital guide on which regions present the biggest opportunities.

David Berry, commercial director at Kantar Worldpanel

David Berry, commercial director at Kantar Worldpanel

Q&A with…

David Berry, Kantar Worldpanel commercial director

The results from the latest Kantar Worldpanel Brand Footprint ranking provide extremely positive news for Irish brands – why do you believe consumers are choosing Irish?

I would put the success of local brands down to two significant factors.

The first is that over the past number of years we have seen that local brands have successfully retained their position within the list partly through their ability to understand the needs and wants of consumers and respond to this. Some clear examples of this flexibility are shown in the NPD introduced by many of the top Irish brands within the list. I would pick out Avonmore Protein Milk and Denny Fire and Smoke as two excellent examples of this.

Recent years have also seen an explosion of interest in locally produced food, with a reinforced understanding of how important this sector is to the overall economy. Bord Bia is at the forefront of this and a number of programmes launched in conjunction with various retailers have provided a shop window for many local brands.

Which categories have recorded the greatest growth and decline in the past year?

Many of the core food categories have grown in importance over the past year.  Growth in CRP is strongest for fruit and veg, dairy, biscuits and chilled convenience. All of these categories already have very high penetration but have grown through increased frequency, showing that we are placing more importance on key food categories, while also enjoying a treat.

Which brands are new entrants in the latest Brand Footprint?

We have seen a number of new entrants this year, including:

Ballyfree              No. 64

Blue Dragon       No. 87

Kenco                   No. 89

Andrex                 No. 94

Ryvita                    No. 96

Old El Paso          No. 97

Haribo                   No. 98

Kinder                   No. 99

Of the brands already featured in the previous Brand Footprint, which three have jumped the largest number of places and why do you believe this is the case?

The biggest risers in the ranking this year, have been:

Pringles, moving from 78 up to 43: Pringles has clearly benefitted from a renewed focus on the brand this year as it has become fully established within the Kellogg’s portfolio.  The recently launched Pringles Tortillas is a clear example of this.

Brady Family, moving from 76 to 46: A well-defined brand image supported by innovation, sponsorship and social media activity have helped to create a very successful year for Brady Family.

Alpro, moving from 95 to 70: The Alpro brand has successfully capitalised on the growth in the wider free from market and an increasing focus on health among both shoppers and retailers.

In which categories is own-brand penetration highest?

Value shares: Own brand vs branded

Value share % Branded Non branded
Fruit, veg & salads 6 94
Fresh meat 14 86
Fresh fish 27 73
Frozen foods 61 40
Dairy products 57 43
  Butter 39 61
  Total cheese 50 50
  Total milk 48 52
Total chilled convenience 44 56
  Chilled pizza & bases 29 71
  Chilled prepared salad 23 77
  Chilled ready meals 32 68
  Cooked meats 48 52
  Fresh pasta 36 65
  Fresh soup 71 29

Overview of brands

Many brands are growing because of deep cut promotions during the year, which encouraged the recruitment of new shoppers. In particular, Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

In terms of brands that have created a new usage occasion; Philadelphia cheese continues to expand into cooking sauces, and Dairygold (spreads) are trying to drive usage of using the spread for cooking or melting over veg.

By giving out coffees free of charge, the Restaurants Association of Ireland says Ulster Bank is depriving cafe and restaurant owners of their daily morning and afternoon incomeNPD in coffee is driving growth for premiumisation with Tassimo doing well. Tassimo is growing through increased penetration.

Health trends are contributing to growth for free from brands and those that tap into shopper trends towards lower carbs and higher protein intake – for example Yoplait’s Liberte yoghurt

Category rankings

Milk is the top ranking food category – Ireland has a heritage closely linked to farming and our dairy industry is one of the highest performing in terms of export revenue

Colourful fruit and vegetable backgrounds collageFruit and veg come out top as staples in every household as they are bought frequently by almost 100% of the population

Cooked meats is a popular category in Ireland. Sliced cooked ham, turkey etc. are popular sandwich fillings for kids’ lunches and salad accompaniments for lighter meals at home

Top rising categories

Cheese and yoghurt also feature prominently relating back to our love of dairy and the strength of the indigenous industry

Fruit has increased in importance, with brands including Keelings and Donnellys making strong impressions with shoppers

Beverages have dropped down as shoppers are moving away from carbonated soft drinks and big brands to healthier choices and water. The growth of the discounters has also impacted beverages’ decline in branded terms

1. Avonmore

With a strong media presence, Avonmore directly engages consumers daily

With a strong media presence, Avonmore directly engages consumers daily

The Irish are a well travelled nation, and it’s not uncommon to hear a returning traveller say that there’s no milk like Irish milk. They are not wrong, and for that reason it should be no surprise that for the third year running, Avonmore is Ireland’s favourite grocery brand. On average, 78% of the population chooses Avonmore 27 times, with the brand holding strong positions across a range of dairy products and more, including milk, cream, cheese, yellow fats and fresh soups.

Avonmore has been a well-known brand in Ireland since the 1960s. The name originated in Co. Kilkenny, where it started life as Avonmore Foods. The co-operative was named after the Avon river which flows through Callan, Co. Kilkenny, close to the location of the group’s first processing facility. Eventually the company merged with Waterford Foods to create Glanbia plc – the international group which owns the Avonmore brand in Ireland.

Over the years, Avonmore has become known for its innovative solutions, such as its range of functional value added milks – Super Milk, Slimline Milk, Heart Active and Lactose Free Milk. The brand has recently launched Protein Milk, with 50% extra protein, targeting people with active lifestyles, and has also introduced one-twist cartons across the main milk range. The new Avonmore cartons help seal in the freshness, are easier to open, and smoother to pour.

Avonmore’s range of value added creams, from Whipped Cream, Cooking Cream, to Fresh Dessert Cream, and its newest addition Whipped Summer Cream, continue to drive growth in the cream category, while Avonmore’s soup range has also been re-launched with new easy open caps, for added convenience.

As well as its popularity in the supermarket aisles, Avonmore is one of the most visible brands on Irish television. Through many brand campaigns and its high-profile connection to the RTÉ Weather and GAA, the brand has a strong media presence; combined with its growing digital presence, the brand continues to engage consumers directly on a daily basis.

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan

Q&A with…

Robert Jordan, head of Beverages & Innovation, Glanbia Consumer Foods

What are the latest innovations and additions to Avonmore’s range that have contributed to this result?

At Avonmore we’re constantly innovating and looking for better ways to deliver quality, value added and convenient products that consumers want.

Avonmore Protein Milk is our latest addition to the brand portfolio, designed specifically for training and active lifestyles. We launched it last year in association with the GAA and for every pack sold a donation is made to the Gaelic Players Association’s Player Development Programme, supporting a variety of health and wellbeing initiatives. The consumer response to the product has been extremely positive and we have achieved high levels of awareness.

Also, last September we launched a new one-twist open cap across the Avonmore range. The new cap seals in the freshness, but the packs are simpler to open. The cap is wider too, making them smoother to pour. In addition to these initiatives we continue to innovate in the cream category and this year we launched a new Summer Whipped Cream. It’s already proving very popular with consumers who want the convenience of a fresh, ready-to-serve product in a re-closable tub.

How does Avonmore work in partnership with retailers in order to grow sales?

This year we’ve placed a big focus on in-store activation. Because milk is a product that’s bought by habit, with high frequency, our goal is to interrupt the consumer at the point of purchase in order to make the biggest impact.

We’ve done this by creating bespoke retailer competitions for both Slimline and Super Milk, as well as rolling out an intensive in-store demonstration programme on Super Milk.

How intensively have you invested in marketing this year and made your key brand messages stand out in consumers’ minds?

We have significantly up-weighted our investment in the brand this year. With Super Milk in particular, we are running our biggest ever above and below the line campaign. The ‘Playground of Life’ advertising campaign was created to drive the message about the importance of Vitamin D for all the family. This message has particular resonance with Irish families due to our lack of sunshine, which causes high levels of vitamin D deficiency.

In addition, all of our marketing activity this year is supported through investment in our flagship RTÉ weather sponsorship, as well as outdoor activity, engagement on digital and social media channels and PR support.

How important a role do social media play in promoting your brand?

It depends on the brand and the target consumer. Our Mooju flavoured milk brand, for example, has been built exclusively on social media by the Glanbia team. That’s been a hugely successful strategy for us and has garnered a large amount of loyal and active followers of the brand.

The launch of Avonmore Protein Milk was also social media led and very successful. In particular, the support of GAA players as ambassadors has helped us to drive social media engagement and build the brand’s personality online.

What are the key consumer trends that will impact the dairy category over the next two years and how do you plan to capitalise on the strengths of your brand to grow further?  

Ireland continues to be a leader in health and wellness milks. We have one of the top 10 penetration rates in the world and the sector is outperforming the market. We see this growth continuing and health and wellness brands becoming more mainstream.

The perception of milk as being one of nature’s real super foods continues to be a strong trend. In particular, we see an increasing awareness of milk as the best solution for re-hydration after sport. That, coupled with an understanding of the importance of protein in sports recovery, will ensure this milk as ‘natural nutrition’ trend continues to gain traction.

We also expect milk beverages and, in particular, flavoured milk to continue to grow and we see increasing opportunities for our Mooju brand.

2. Brennans

3265 BREN Be Good WholemealWith its distinctive yellow branding and nostalgia-tinged advertising campaigns, Brennans is holding steady as the number two brand in the country, and Ireland’s most popular bread. Just like the brand in this year’s number one spot, Brennans is built on a tradition that goes back half a century. “Today’s bread today,” say the ads, as they have done ever since Joseph Brennan first introduced his Brennans Family Pan, produced at a small bakery in Dublin’s Fumbally Lane. Today, Brennans operates out of a state-of-the-art facility in Walkinstown, Dublin, and is one of the country’s largest food manufacturers. The long-term success of Brennans has been based on three key pillars: a distinctive brand, a strong distribution network and, most importantly, a quality product. With this in mind, Brennans’ position as Ireland’s most popular bread is due in no small part to this commitment to quality, variety, and innovation. For example, its wax packaging adds freshness, but also offers a distinctive feeling for customers when they pick it up.

3381 Be Good Wholemeal Sandwich Breads 3DAs well as the famous Family Pan, Brennans offers a range of breads to suit every taste, including batch, half-pans, wholemeal, wholegrain and more. With an ever-increasing focus on health among consumers, Brennans Be Good Wholemeal range is one of its latest innovations along with WeightWatchers, Natural Recipes range and Chia Wholegrain. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with “today’s bread today”.

Ivan Hammond

Ivan Hammond

Q&A with…

Ivan Hammond, head of marketing, Brennans

What are the latest innovations and additions to Brennans’ range that have contributed to Brennans being named among Ireland’s favourite brands?

It’s a great honour and we really appreciate it. Our focus on continuous innovation has really helped us in this regard. The first example that springs to mind is our new 600g loaf called Be Good Wholemeal. It’s high in fibre and has only 60 calories per slice but the most important thing is that it’s a fantastic-tasting bread that’s really struck a chord not only with people trying to live a healthy lifestyle but the entire family. We’re really proud of it and it’s been one of our most successful product launches in the last decade.

We recently decided to keep innovating this offering and have created a variant called Be Good White which, to my knowledge, is the only white sliced pan available that’s high in fibre and 60 calories per slice. This has meant that it’s all down to individual taste now for customers who want high-fibre bread.

Because we believe it’s important to cater for people’s tastes, we’ve also added two other products to this range. We’re calling them Be Good Sandwich Breads and they come in two variants; Wholemeal and Sesame & Linseed. The response so far from the public has been fantastic. We’ve also created a new Wholewheat pack with only seven slices to cater for consumers’ ever-evolving needs, and a Bagels range which is a really new and exciting avenue for us.

How intensively have you invested in marketing this year and made your key brand messages stand out in consumers’ minds?

The role of a distinctive brand is hugely important because it’s your first touch-point with the customer. You want to establish an emotional connection that resonates with your consumer base. Brands are like any assets; they constantly need to be invested in. Luckily, we’ve invested wisely over the years and the brand has become somewhat iconic in terms of Irish food and is loved and adored across the country… and increasingly abroad too from what I hear from the USA and Australia. One of the most important things we’ve done is remained true to our key brand messages (freshness, quality and taste) over the years and delivered on our brand promise of ‘Today’s Bread Today’.

How important a role does social media play in promoting your brand?

Social media has been a vitally important and a hugely successful channel for promoting the brand. In fact, the Brennans Facebook page was recently shortlisted as a finalist in the Irish Social Media Awards.

In essence, where Brennans wins out in social media, and where other brands can struggle, is in the affinity that the Irish nation feels toward the brand. The simplest memory of our brand can generate the biggest reactions. For example, posting an image of a 1970s bus complete with a 1970s Brennans ad generated over 2,000 likes, 100 shares and 100 comments.

Facebook gives brand fans a chance to share and co-create with us. Last year we were inundated with requests for the famous Brennans wax paper after one of our fans had dressed up their house with the yellow wrapper. This led to the page receiving a host of different designs using the wrapper, and eventually we ran a hugely successful contest where our fans made origami with the wax paper. Other forms of promotion simply cannot replicate this level of engagement.

What are the key consumer trends that will impact the bread category over the next two years, and how do you plan to capitalise on the strengths of your brand to grow further?

As an industry, I think one of the biggest challenges facing us is the public misconception that bread is unhealthy. There’s a huge amount of mis-information and downright untruths out there about Irish bread. It is very challenging to address but, as a company, we’re always trying to set out the other side of the story. We’ve done a huge amount of work in recent years to help inform and educate the public about the key nutritional benefits, particularly in relation to white bread. As part of this, we recently appeared on RTÉ’s The Consumer Show to dispel some of the myths and show unequivocally what’s in bread and how it’s actually made.

Finally, as the recession continues to recede nationwide and things keep improving, there will be enhanced opportunities in the convenience channel. The key aim for us is to have the right range of products available that represent great value for consumers.

3. Denny

Denny has held on to its number three spot once again this year. It has been a fantastic year for Ireland’s number one meats brand, with successful re-launches of both the company’s Gold Medal (“Ireland’s Tastiest Sausage”) and Denny Deli Style, still the only 100% natural ham in Ireland.  As well as these established lines, 2015 has also seen the launch of a new sub-brand for Denny – Fire and Smoke, a range of premium meats inspired by the traditional cooking techniques from America’s Deep South.

The producer plans to bring more innovative products to retail shelves later this year, with plans to further expand the Denny footprint in the Irish market. “Consumers have always been at the heart of everything that we do,” says Hilary Hughes, Denny’s senior brand manager. “This is one of the main reasons that Denny continues to be one of Ireland’s most loved brands. The launch of Fire and Smoke this year will shake up the cooked meats category and bring a new younger target consumer into the category and the Denny brand.” For more on Denny’s products, visit facebook.com/dennyest1820.

4. Knorr

5. Jacob’s

Jacobs Logo CMYKFounded in Waterford more than 160 years ago, there’s no denying the branding power of Jacob’s as it holds on to its fifth place in this year’s Kantar Worldpanel top 100. Originally a family-run bakery, brothers William and Robert Jacob’s innovation was to create “fancy” biscuits to be bought by the pound. That “fancy” tag remains to this day, but the company is equally focused on making sure all consumers are satisfied by its wide range of products. Jacob’s biscuit lines are household names in their own right: Mikado, Kimberley and Coconut Creams have all grown by +7% year-on-year, while Jacob’s Rice Cakes have enjoyed a massive +1,118% growth, marking the new appeal of lighter calorie treats.

Christmas 2014 was especially big for the company, with Jacob’s Assortments growing by +17%. This is in addition to the brand’s iconic USA and Afternoon Tea selections – the only 1kg tins available in Ireland.

Jacob’s has exciting plans for 2015 and beyond, with fun, feel-good campaigns on the Fig Roll and Club Milk, with some exciting new products created to bring further enjoyment to the consumer, making a celebration out of everyday occasions.

6. Müller

Müller Goodies are set to expand the Müller brand even further in 2015

Müller Goodies are set to expand the Müller brand even further in 2015

Müller has much cause for celebration with the latest Kantar WorldPanel figures, which have seen the brand climb one place to number six in the top 100 brands. As the leader in the yogurt category, Müller focuses on product development and innovation in order to offer consumers new and exciting taste experiences. In the past year, the brand has attracted more shoppers than ever with almost 70%* of Irish households now enjoying the brand – the largest penetration gain of any brand in the top 50.

2015 got off to a strong start for Müller with the continued sponsorship of the RTÉ’s The Voice of Ireland by Müller Corner; this reflects the brand’s strong media plan with heavy TV support all year round. After 2014 saw a successful range of outdoor and event based sampling campaigns, further activities are planned for 2015, to support forthcoming NPD launches in Ireland.

Another key success story in Müller’s year has been the sustained growth of Müllerlight, which continues to be the fastest-growing brand in the category’s top 10**. Müller plans to push the brand in new directions in 2015, with the launch of Müllerlight Goodies, the first split pot Müllerlight, set to come in three flavours.

*(Source: Kantar Worldpanel 52 w.e. 29 March 2015)

**(Source: Nielsen Total Scantrak MAT 19 April 2015)

7. Birds Eye

Birds Eye is continuing to innovate in its range of frozen ready meals

Birds Eye is continuing to innovate in its range of frozen ready meals

The latter half of the top 10 looks quite different to last year’s Kantar Worldpanel top 100, with Birds Eye climbing four places to number seven. This impressive boost may be in part down to a packaging redesign across the entire Birds Eye portfolio in early 2015. The result was a renewed stand-out and recognisability for the Birds Eye brand at the point of purchase. As Ireland’s leading frozen food brand, Birds Eye’s core categories are fish, poultry, vegetables and waffles, with the brand introducing category enhancing innovation in frozen with the launch of three major ranges since early 2014: Inspirations, Steamfresh and Stir Your Senses. These launches have brought premium offerings, specifically targeting adults, to each of the frozen mains, sides and meals sectors.

Under its ‘Food of Life’ master brand, Birds Eye Core and Innovation portfolios are individually supported with an integrated, always on support strategy. For example, Stir Your Senses aims to revolutionise the frozen meals category with a delicious new range of pan-cook, authentic meals inspired by cuisines from around the world. This objective will be supported throughout 2015 with a heavyweight, integrated plan incorporating TV, digital, out of home and in-store promotional support.

8. Heinz

Holding steady at number eight is another family favourite, Heinz. Like many of the brands here, generations of Irish families have grown up with Heinz. Heinz Baked Beanz were first sold in Ireland all the way back in 1899, and now almost 120 years later, they are still enjoyed every day by thousands of Irish households.

Heinz is the market leader in tomato ketchup, tinned spaghetti, BBQ sauce and salad cream. The company’s soups are also very popular, with Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup the most popular ready to serve soup in Ireland.

While these much loved brands have been the bedrock of Heinz’s success over the years, the company is always innovating and bringing new and exciting products to consumers. There are more new and exciting products set to launch through the rest of 2015 across Heinz’s entire portfolio, so this much-loved brand’s place in the top 10 is most likely set to remain for the foreseeable future.

9. McVitie’s

McVitie’s new DeliChoc range aims to further increase UB’s share

McVitie’s new DeliChoc range aims to further increase UB’s share

Enjoyed by Irish families for generations, McVitie’s has a large biscuit portfolio of much-loved iconic brands including McVitie’s Digestives, Jaffa Cakes, Rich Tea, Hob Nobs and Penguin. Last year parent company United Biscuits embarked on a major re-launch of its McVitie’s brand to rejuvenate and drive awareness of its top sweet biscuit brand and has continued this support with increased marketing investment spend in 2015.

The re-launch has been successful year to date, and continues to deliver growth despite a declining Biscuit market; McVitie’s value share has grown to 18.6% (MAT) and its volume share growing by +1.1pts to 22.4%*. In addition to the redesign, United Biscuits also embarked on its biggest-ever multi-media campaign, investing €1m in all consumer touch points including press, TV, digital and in-store. The results of this investment were positive and UB succeeded in growing its market share.

This year United Biscuits plans to modernise and grow the McVitie’s brand further by unlocking new occasions and creating fresh interest in biscuits with the launch of a new biscuit variant, McVitie’s DeliChoc – a slab of thick Belgian chocolate atop a crunchy biscuit. McVitie’s DeliChoc will be available in milk, dark and white chocolate.

*(Source: AC Nielsen 26 April 2015)

10. Batchelors

Batchelors Anniversary CansBatchelors has been Ireland’s favourite tinned baked bean, pea and pulse brand for generations and celebrates its 80th birthday in September this year. Over the past 80 years, Batchelors has pioneered new innovations, new pack formats across a variety of products but the core of the brand remains the same – healthy, convenient and tasty food that all of the family will love.

Produced in Cabra in Dublin for most of its history, Batchelors is at the heart of Irish homes. One of Batchelors’ most important attributes is versatility; Batchelors Baked Beans on toast, Batchelors Mushy Peas with fish and chips to Batchelors Kidney Beans in chilli con carne are all family favourites with tasty results.

To celebrate the upcoming 80th anniversary, Batchelors will return to Irish TV screens, with brand mascots Barney and Beany returning to have a starring role. The TV campaign will be supported by a strong campaign across social media, point of purchase advertising, in-store theatre & PR, giving all Batchelors lovers the chance to celebrate 80 years of tasty beans, peas and pulses.

New flavours and pack formats are also set to be launched in August, to tie in with the company’s 80th birthday. For more information see www.facebook.com/batchelors.

11. Coca-Cola

12. Galtee

Galtee provides a variety of rashers as well as sausages, pudding and a range of ham in the Irish market. The company’s strong heritage in rashers and its consistent commitment to providing consumers with a quality and great value range of products is one of the reasons that it remains one of the most purchased brands in the country. Galtee’s success can be put down, in part, to its awareness of consumers’ needs for great brands at great prices. Despite dropping two places since last year’s Kantar Worldpanel listings, Galtee has continued to perform strongly over the past 12 months by offering real value for money.

13. Irish Pride

Irish Pride is one of the leading bread brands in Ireland and a favourite with Irish consumers. Irish Pride is committed to baking high quality, fresh bread everyday and the company prides itself on offering consumers one of the most extensive bread ranges available in the market today. Operating out of two large modern bakeries – in Taghmon, Co. Wexford and Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Irish Pride delivers to thousands of retail outlets every day with a dedicated distribution team.

Some of the company’s most popular brands include Sandwich, Healthy Grain, Slimsters and Bunsters. Along with these family favourites, Irish Pride has also always had one eye on innovation, and the company intends to hold its place in the market by investing in its range to ensure the brand remains relevant to today’s consumer. Because, as the brand’s memorable ad tagline says, it’s a matter of pride.

14. Tayto

Tayto continues to enjoy the view from the top, retaining its number one position as the highest-ranking crisp brand in this year’s Kantar’s top 100. What’s more, Ireland’s most popular crisp brand has been in the news for a different reason this month, giving its fans the length and breadth of Ireland the chance to enjoy a view from the top of Europe’s largest inverted wooden rollercoaster as it opens in Tayto Park this month. A one-of-a-kind collectable promotion is running nationwide across impulse Tayto Cheese & Onion packs giving consumers the chance to gain free entry to Tayto Park when they collect 15 promotional bags or seven promotional bags for half price entry (subject to terms & conditions, www.taytopark.ie). A single entry ticket normally costs €14 so this offer represents a significant saving to Tayto Park fans who will be able to redeem the offer on presentation of promotional packs at Tayto Park admissions. The future looks nothing short of golden for this immensely popular and iconic crisp brand.

15. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

16. Pat the Baker

17. Flora

18. Glenisk

Moving up one place to 18th this year is Glenisk, a family business located just outside Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Glenisk, an award-winning producer of dairy and goats’ milk products, is one of Ireland’s fastest-growing brands whose market share has tripled over the past five years. The company has just introduced a new range of high protein, 0% fat, strained Greek yogurts that boast 3.5 times the volume of milk of a regular yogurt and twice as much protein. Since its launch, the new line has proved very popular with dieters and fitness enthusiasts alike because of its fat free, high protein and low calorie content. Available in three pack formats, single serve, large pot and multipack, the range comes in eight flavours. Other recent innovations include a children’s range and the Pure Original Layered range.  Glenisk has also launched a very successful organic tube format in kids’ yogurts – Go-Yos, available in a range of flavours. Glenisk, owned and run by the Cleary family, is about producing good food in a sustainable way, that respects and enhances the natural environment, now and for generations to come.

19. Walkers

20. Green Isle

21. Dairy Gold

22. Keelings

23. 7-UP

24. Connacht Gold

Connacht Gold is firmly established as an innovative brand in the yellow fats category, with continued growth year-on-year that shows its butter performing well ahead of the category. With a number of award-winning products in the range, including Connacht Gold Softer Butter (three Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards), Connacht Gold Garlic and Herb butter and Connacht Gold Creamery Butter (both Blas na hEireann and Great Taste winners), Connacht Gold continues to innovate in the category, with two new products launched towards the end of 2014: a Gourmet Butter with Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper butter. This is in addition to its other recent launches, Spreadable and Spreadable Light options, and a popular Unsalted Butter.

There’s no denying the innovation and invention on show there, while the brand’s most common product – Connacht Gold Low Fat Butter – continues to perform well as families seek healthy alternatives in real butter with half the fat.

Connacht Gold has invested in its Low Fat Butter through  an integrated ‘real butter’ campaign over the past two years and continues to invest in the brand throughout 2015 – the first campaign earlier this year features Connacht Gold Low Fat butter on national and regional radio, along with press, online and in-store tastings right across the country. The key message of the campaign highlights that Connacht Gold Low Fat is real butter with half the fat and all the taste.

25. Erin 

The Erin portfolio is a large one covering all products from pour-over and cook-in sauces to gravy, stocks, marrow fat peas and savoury rices and has been at the heart of Irish family mealtimes for almost 50 years. Erin is the number two brand in the Irish market within dry sauces and is the largest brand in the category that is in growth. All Erin dry sauces are made in Ireland.

Erin has recently begun a modernisation process and following on from a full brand re-design and the brand has launched a number of strong innovations to deliver category and brand growth.  These new innovations have supported a very strong performance from the brand in recent years with 18.5% value growth in the latest 12 months.

Erin Dine-Ins is the newest innovation within the Erin family. Erin Dine-Ins can help create a gourmet curry at home in under 20 minutes. With two tubs, one containing a concentrated paste with oil and stock and the other containing ground herbs and spices, the result is an authentic Tikka Masala, Thai Green Curry, Sweet & Sour or Korma at home. The launch was supported by a TV campaign, national sampling campaign, social media and point of purchase advertising.

26. Colgate

27. Goodfella’s

Goodfella’s Pizza has been Ireland’s favourite frozen pizza for more than 22 years, enjoying a household name status through heavy TV advertising and regular innovation. The company prides itself on bringing authentic pizzas to consumers. All Goodfella’s pizzas are produced in a state-of-the-art facility in Naas and Longford, where every pizza is freshly baked and then frozen to lock in a tasty, just-baked taste. With some recent interesting developments and variations, Goodfella’s remains eager to bring new products to the public. Its recent new market entries – Sweet Fellas Pizza (a pizza-style chocolate desert baked in the oven) and also the new range of gluten free pizzas – show that there is plenty of room for development and innovation in the area of frozen pizza products.

28. Fairy

29. Odlums

Ireland’s number one home baking brand, celebrates its 170th birthday in 2015. Odlums is the dominant market leader in flour and its flours are core staples in kitchen cupboards throughout the country and their innovative range of ‘Bake your Own’ bread, scone and cake mixes continue to add value to the category. Catherine Leyden, Odlums brand ambassador and celebrity baker continues to be a favourite with Irish consumers and media alike with over 400,000 viewers tuning into Ireland AM each week to watch her baking demonstrations. In addition to this, Odlums digital presence has been a roaring success since the re-launch of the company’s official website last year.

30. Nescafé

31. Kerry Low Low

32. Dolmio

Dolmio is Ireland’s favourite pasta sauce brand, holding a 51% share of the Italian wet cooking sauces market*. The brand’s success is due to the strength of its innovative portfolio, providing consumers with a wide range of tasty and easy-to prepare Italian meals enjoyed by families and across all demographics. The range includes jar, microwaveable pouch and stir-in Italian cooking sauces for bolognese, lasagne and pasta meals as well as convenient Italian sauce meal kits, now available on both lasagne and oven baked meals.

*(Source: AC Nielsen Total Scan incl. Discounters MAT Value Sales to 21 April 2015)

33. Flahavans

34. Florette

Salad specialist Florette has concentrated on optimising pack sizes and prices of its leafy bagged salad portfolio in order to help shoppers buy what they need and use all that they buy. The reduction in pack sizes and prices, alongside a fresh new look on-pack, provides consumers with greater clarity in the communication of flavour delivery and recipe inspiration. The company believes that being better informed about the products people buy motivates the group to be more creative with its salads. To bring its new-look portfolio into people’s homes while also driving category growth and brand loyalty, the company will begin a six-week TV campaign this month featuring an updated execution of its popular ‘Joy of Salad’ theme. Ireland’s consumers will be targeted via a versatile channel mix of TV, digital and social media activity in a programme that is expected to reach over 1.23 million households. Meanwhile, Florette is also tackling the issue of in-home wastage head-on by talking to consumers about salad usage. This approach also aims to increase leafy prepared salads’ popularity among consumers.

For further information about the Florette brand, visit www.florettesalad.co.uk.

35. Nivea

36. Pedigree

Worth over €23.5m, Pedigree is Ireland’s largest petcare brand, which continues to deliver strong sales year-on-year. A favourite with dog owners and also with the trade, the brand continues to perform well in all segments and pack formats. Strong marketing campaigns including ‘Pawsitive Nutrition’, ‘Pedigree Dentamonth’ and ‘World Animal Week’ ensure that the brand stays top of mind for consumers. Pedigree offers a wide variety of products for different dog life stages and sizes. The company prides itself on comprehensive knowledge of pet nutrition, and also its ability to pass on that expertise in an accessible way for pet owners. The company’s heavyweight advertising, strong campaigns and in-store promotions and successful innovations in the expanding care and treats category (such as Pedigree Dentaflex) ensure that it remains Ireland’s favourite dog food brand. The company says it is confident it will continue to grow retailers’ business and drive sales into 2016 and beyond.

 37. Lyons

 38. Hellmann’s

 39. Yoplait

40. Johnston Mooney & O’Brien

41. Nicky

Much of the movement in the Kantar listings, while significant, is small. Up a spot here, down a spot there. That’s why Nicky’s whopping 17-spot jump from 59 to 41 this year is considerable; even more so when we remember the brand jumped from 87th to 59th in 2014.

Offering a product portfolio for all segments of the toilet tissue and kitchen towel market, Nicky aims at delivering quality and great value for money to the Irish consumers. Customers recognize and appreciate the brand’s reluctance to cut on product specification and the tendency to invest on innovation. This was further proven at the beginning of 2015, when the brand improved its premium range of toilet tissues, Nicky Elite, by adding ten extra sheets to each roll and by developing a new softening emboss. Reliability, consistency in quality but also social commitment is what is most important to Nicky which has renewed its support of the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. The aim this year is to continue to make a difference for the many children and families who rely on the foundation and to top the 2,200 nursing hours donated by Nicky in 2014.

42. Pringles

43. Schwartz

44. Clonakilty

It goes without saying that Ireland is exceptionally rich in its food traditions, and one of its finest is Clonakilty Blackpudding. Clonakilty was first made by Edward Twomey in his butcher shop in Clonakilty, West Cork in the 1880s. Today, it is made using the same secret spice blend which has been handed down through generations, and even today is only known to a handful of people and remains a closely-guarded secret. From what began in a small butcher shop, demand for the Clonakilty range has now grown internationally; it is now widely available across Ireland and can also be bought in the UK, Europe, Australia, and the UAE.

The future of the Clonakilty Food Co. will continue build on the values of its team and belief in the product. This will be done through consistent effort on quality, not forgetting traditions or roots and remaining loyal to local suppliers. For more information on the Clonakilty range, and for recipes, visit www.clonakiltyblackpudding.ie

45. Barry’s

46. Brady Family Ham

Having also made a huge leap in the Top 100 (up from 75 last year), 2015 is set to be an exciting year for Brady Family as new products are being added to the range, with a fully integrated marketing campaign to support. The traditional Irish ham brand recently unveiled its new look, incorporating an enhanced logo which highlights the provenance of the product, produced in Timahoe, Co.Kildare. The packaging across the full Brady Family portfolio has been refreshed and this will be unveiled in the coming months. Meanwhile, the new Brady Family TV and radio campaign, designed to educate consumers about ‘Real Ham’, is sure to catch the attention of consumers. Additionally, two new Family Pack products were launched in April in response to a growing demand for higher weight packs offering value within the premium tier, with more new launches to come in July. Brady Family Ham is made from 100% Irish pork, with no added water and using only one single pork joint.

47. Kit Kat

Loved by consumers since 1935, Kit Kat is now the leading brand in Nestlé’s confectionery portfolio.  Consisting of a delicious wafer and chocolate combination, Kit Kat is available in a two finger, four finger and chunky format across a variety of different flavours. The iconic brand is synonymous with being the perfect snack to eat whilst having a break and Kit Kat’s ‘Celebrate the Breaks’ campaign, launched earlier this year, recognises that no two individuals are the same, so why should their breaks be? Celebrating unique break moments, the campaign will, for a limited period, also see the Kit Kat name being replaced on the front of all packs with one of 72 different break types including Sporty Break, Lunch Break, Office Break or Me Time Break.

‘Celebrate the Breaks’ will also be supported across the year with TV, digital and outdoor advertising with all campaign mediums being connected by the use of the hashtag #mybreak.  In a first for the chocolate market, the promotional hashtag has also been moulded into the actual chocolate of the Kit Kat bars, thus extending the reach of the campaign even further and ensuring no consumer will miss it.

48. Yoplait Petits Filous

49. Staffords

50. John West

51. Activia

52. Carroll Cuisine

Established in 1979, Carroll’s of Tullamore has grown from small beginnings to become a nationwide favourite, while retaining great pride in its local roots. 2015 to date has been a period of huge growth for the brand, encompassing a successful management buyout backed by private investors Cardinal Carlyle, exciting new product launches in both its PPSCM and ready meal ranges and also the milestone of 25 years in partnership with Offally GAA.

To celebrate this partnership Carroll’s has just launched an exciting nationwide online brand building initiative giving away GAA jerseys to schools and clubs across the country. The competition is running on both Facebook and the Carroll Cuisine website, and the company hopes it will cement brand loyalty further.

Carroll’s is Ireland’s favourite ham, still holding the position of Ireland’s number one deli ham and is now the fastest growing brand in pre-packed ham (Source: Kantar, March 2015). Using traditional family recipes, Carroll’s ham is carefully nurtured, hand-crafted using only the highest quality pork and slow cooked for a better taste. For more information check out the website at www.carrollcuisine.ie or Facebook.com/carrollsham.

53. Comfort

54. Charleville

55. McCain

56. Miwadi

57. Roma

58. Premier Dairies

Closely associated with Dublin, Premier has been the preferred choice of milk across the county since 1966. It is this loyalty that continues to make Premier Milk the number two milk brand in Ireland. Premier Milk is not only synonymous with Dublin, but with milkmen and doorstep deliveries, when it was delivered to almost every home throughout Dublin in glass bottles.  Recently however, Premier was re-launched in innovative new one twist cartons, making them easier to open, and pour. For over 40 years Premier Milk has been supplying the best quality milk across Dublin and the surrounding areas. Much has changed in Dublin since then, but one thing remains constant, Premier Milk’s dedication to tradition, quality and local supply of milk.

59. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

60. Country Kitchen

61. Fox’s

62. Bisto

63. Uncle Ben’s

Uncle Ben’s from Mars Incorporated is Ireland’s leading rice branded player with a 35% share of the rice category*. Rice is at the heart of the Uncle Ben’s brand, and much of its success has been driven by the breath of its range and strength of innovation offering consumers convenient, nutritious, and tasty rice solutions. Both the boil-in-the-bag and ready to heat rice segments now make up 54%* of the total value sales of the rice category, and Uncle Ben’s is the number one brand in both, holding a 49% and 59% segment share respectively*. Uncle Ben’s Rice & Grains is the latest rice innovation to come to market, wholegrain being the fastest growing segment in ready to heat, a result of increasing consumer demand for healthier alternatives.

*(Source: AC Nielsen Total Scan incl. Discounters MAT Value Sales to 21 April 2015)

64. Ballyfree

65. Dr. Oetker

Despite being an established brand since 1891, the past ten years has seen enormous growth in its pizza ranges with the launch of Ristorante, Chicago Town, the Deep Dish, Bistro and Pizzinis. Today it is the number two frozen pizza supplier in Ireland with a 29.9% market share*. Inspired by authentic Italian recipes, Ristorante offers a real Italian restaurant taste using thin and crispy bases and generous toppings. There are nine flavours available; Mozzarella, Spéciale, Pollo, Pepperoni-Salame, Hawaii, Vegetale, Funghi, Pollo Arrabiata, Margherita and Spinaci. Furthermore, Chicago Town Takeaway is the number one frozen takeaway pizza* and is made with a unique rising dough that’s not pre-cooked. The result is an authentic takeaway taste. With a heritage based in baking, and a key player in the sector, Dr. Oetker, which aims to inspire even better baking amongst the nations’ bakers, is valued at €4m* and is bought by nearly four out of 10 Irish households**.  Despite increased competition, Dr. Oetker’s commitment to the category through NPD and marketing support has resulted in continued growth over the last number of years.

*(Source: Nielsen ROI Scantrack Value MAT 52 w/e 19 April 2015 – excluding Dunnes & Discounters)

**(Source: Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 26 April 2015)

66. Donegal Catch

67. Weetabix

As the nation’s number one breakfast drink, Weetabix believes its current marketing campaign will help pioneering growth of the sector.

Committed to its success, Weetabix believes the breakfast drink market has an important role to play in growing the wider cereal category as shoppers are given new reasons to visit the cereal aisle. Aware that its target market tend to opt for a less healthy breakfast or skip the meal entirely, Weetabix believes that a fun TV advertising campaign that plays on this fact will catch consumers’ attention.

As well as the iconic breakfast cereal, Weetabix’s latest innovation is Weetabix On The Go, a great-tasting and nutritious breakfast drink that allows consumers to make the most of their mornings. The drink is available in four varieties – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana, and is made from all natural colours and flavours. Fortified with vitamins and iron, each serving contains all the protein, energy and fibre of a typical Weetabix cereal with milk.

68. Shamrock

Shamrock is Ireland’s number one leading baking ingredients brand and continues to hold a special place in the hearts and minds of Irish consumers. Since its inception in 1958, the Shamrock brand has been synonymous with home baking in Ireland. Shamrock fruit and nut products are packed in Cabra, Dublin with a wide range spanning from traditional baking essentials like raisins, sultanas and ground almonds to the specialty range of luxury fruit mix and Californian raisins. The Shamrock range also includes other baking and snacking favourites such as coconut, prunes, apricots and chocolate.

69. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

70. Alpro

Alpro is another big climber in the latest Kantar listings, having climbed 25 places in the chart since 2013. Pioneers of plant-based eating, Alpro has been creating plant-based alternatives to milk, yogurt, cream, custard, drinks and desserts for over 35 years, made from non-GM soya beans, almonds, coconuts, hazelnuts, rice and oats. The brand has gone from strength to strength this year, with 110,000 new households gained and branded penetration up to 23%*. As a whole, the plant-based sector has seen consumer penetration shoot from 22% to +28%, with more than one in four households now buying into the category**. The company says it will keep up the level of innovation to ensure its products are always relevant, expanding usage occasions and driving demand with new and existing customers. More large-scale marketing campaigns are planned for 2015, supporting existing portfolio growth and new launches that are in the pipeline.

*(Source: Nielsen w/e 30/11/14)

**(Source: Kantar 04/01/15)

71. Johnson’s

72. Hazel Brook

73. Kerrygold

74. McCambridge

75. Club

76. Tropicana

77. Moy Park

Moy Park, Ireland’s number one poultry brand and largest food processor under the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme, continues to feed a growing consumer demand for locally sourced chicken, with over 45% of Irish households buying the Moy Park brand.

The Moy Park branded range includes a variety of fresh chicken products (for consumers who enjoy cooking from scratch) and breaded chicken products (perfect for convenient and tasty mid-week meals), as well as a range of added value ready to cook chicken products, which give aspiring cooks a helping hand. Moy Park continues to invest in new product development and has developed both fresh and convenience products under the Moy Park brand, for example the company’s new Roast in the Bag range. The innovative ‘shelf to oven’ whole chicken has been launched under the Moy Park ‘Good Kitchen’ range, which was developed to target a growing market for added-value fresh chicken products. The roast in the bag whole chickens are locally sourced and come in two flavours ‘Extra Tasty’ and ‘Garlic & Herb’. The Moy Park brand is supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign. For more information on products and distribution contact Moy Park on 02838-352-233, or visit www.moyparkchicken.com.

78. Actimel

79. Extra

80. Cuisine de France

81. Benecol

82. Lucozade

83. King

The much loved King continues to reign this year, enjoying a 10.3% value share of the crisps market, thereby holding its position year-on-year*. The 37g impulse formats in Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar flavours continue to hold appeal for those seeking out a premium taste experience while the King size 50g bags offer added satisfaction to consumers. The six packs, 12 packs, extra-fills and flashed packs cover every family size and occasion offering fantastic value for money from the crisp brand that has a special place in the heart of Dubliners.

*(Source: Nielsen markettrack, Crisps value shares MAT M/A 2015 v 2014)

84. Kellogg’s Special K

85. Maltesers

86. Always

87. Blue Dragon

The Blue Dragon ethnic range has become a cupboard essential for most Irish households. The Chinese range makes up the largest part of the Blue Dragon portfolio offering healthy, tasty and convenient products including stir-fry sauces, noodles and accompaniments that allow consumers to recreate authentic Chinese flavours at home.

The company is dedicated to creating innovative NPD which reflects consumer demand and provides increased choice. Being brand leader in the stir-fry category, Blue Dragon recently added more vibrancy to its oriental stir-fry range to include restaurant special stir-frys that allow consumers to replicate the restaurant experience at home and includes popular flavours such as Kung Po, Satay and Cantonese Stir Fry. Thai cuisine is also a major part of the portfolio and to enhance the range a new innovative Thai 3 Step Curry option is now available which gives the more adventurous culinary cook an all in one curry base allowing tailoring for taste and look through separate inclusions of Kaffir lime, Red Chillies, Basil, Coriander and Galangal.

For more information on products and distribution contact BR Marketing on 01 8850800.

88. Kelkin

89. Kenco

90. Robinsons

A popular brand that has developed over more than 180 years, Robinsons has the broadest squash range on the market. The wide range of fruit squashes are made with real fruit juice and are free from artificial flavours and colours. Its experts carefully select quality fruits to create blends that deliver great taste combinations. The Robinsons Fruit Squash range is available in both Single and Double Concentrate and in a No Added Sugar format also.

And Robinsons has been innovating too; its latest new product, Robinson’s Squash’d is a super concentrate which is added to water to enhance hydration when outside the home. Each bottle can be mixed with water to make 20 tasty drinks, and the new product comes in three low-calorie flavours: Apple & Blackcurrant, Orange & Peach, and Summer Fruits. The compact bottle can also be carried in a handbag or pocket, making it perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle.

91. O’Hara’s

92. Weight Watchers

93. Mr. Kipling

94. Andrex

95. Big Al’s

Big Al’s is the number one frozen burger brand in Ireland* with a 20% value market share and the number two branded supplier of frozen poultry* with an 11% value market share. The brand, which was launched in 1996 is owned by Kepak Frozen Division; an Irish family-owned company. Big Al’s burgers are 100% Irish and have been awarded with both Bord Bia and Love Irish Food accreditations. The company also provides a range of frozen breaded chicken products.

The Big Al’s chicken range is currently being relaunched and the new products will be appearing on shelves this month. The brand relaunch includes a new Whole Muscle Chicken product (with no added water), new distinctive packaging, larger pack weights (offering consumers more value for money) and new EDLP price of €3.99. The range includes products such as the popular Chicken Goujons and new products such as Chicken Chunks. The relaunch will be heavily supported by a strong in-store promotional campaign, PR and new TV campaign.

*(Source: AC Nielsen Scantrack YTD ending 22 March 2015 incl Dunnes and Discounters)

 96. Ryvita

97. Old El Paso

98. Haribo

99. Kinder

100. Innocent



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