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9 August 2023

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  1. Haribo

Leading sweet brand Haribo’s top four products are Starmix, Tangfastics, Supermix and Giant Strawbs

Haribo continues to be Ireland’s number one sweets maker*1 bringing moments of childlike happiness to consumers nationwide. Within the sweet’s category over the past 12 months, Haribo has held its leading position in terms of value and units sales*. This performance was predominately driven by Haribo’s favourite top four products: Starmix, Tangfastics, Supermix and Giant Strawbs.

Within the confectionery market, Haribo offers great tasting, quality products at good value ranked below the market average price per kilo**.

In addition to Haribo’s core range, the brand continues to introduce new products with exciting flavours and textures to the market. Over the past year, Haribo successfully launched Soda Twist Z!ng and Twin Snakes to bring excitement into the category.

To complement its popular all-year round offering, Haribo also brings a sweet celebration of treats to stores during key seasonal periods. Haribo’s seasonal selection provides products in different formats suitable for gifting and sharing with themed items to deliver festive fun. Whether it be Easter, Halloween or Christmas, Haribo delivers a vast range of products that create happiness and smiles for kids and grown-ups alike.

*(Source: Nielsen Scantrack Ireland | Total Sweets Confectionery (ex. Mints, Gums, Medicated) | Total Convenience | Total Sharing Bags & XL Pouch | Value sales | MAT to 21.05.2023

**(Source: Nielsen Scantrack Ireland | Total Sweets Confectionery (ex. Mints, Gums, Medicated) | Total Market | Price / kg and Units | L4W to 21.05.2023)

  1. McCain

  2. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes









  1. Bisto

  2. Galtee









  1. Cadbury’s Twirl

  2. Koka

Koka Silk is a gluten free option that has been added to the Koka noodle range

Founded in Singapore in 1985, Koka is Ireland’s most loved Instant noodle brand. A pantry staple in homes across the country, Koka noodles satisfy a growing consumer demand for delicious, convenient snacks to eat at home or on-the-go.

Available in a range of formats and delicious flavours, there’s a Koka noodle for all tastes. There’s even a gluten free range Koka Silk, so now more people can enjoy Koka noodles.

The brand recently introduced the newest offering to the range, Koka Multigrain Baked Noodles. Packed with all the flavour you’d expect from Koka, the Multigrain Baked Noodles are low in fat, palm oil free and a source of protein: making healthy anything but boring! The new range comes in two tasty flavours, Spicy Curry and Chicken, and will be available in major retailers nationwide.

  1. Lenor

  2. Hazel Brook

  3. Old El Paso

The latest Old El Paso campaign ‘Make Some Noise’ celebrates how good food can bring people together with meal customisation

Old El Paso is an iconic global brand that brings Mexican food to Irish households.

With the increase of in-home meal occasions, consumers are more open to trying new cuisines in recent years. Plus, the simplicity and position as a family favourite makes Mexican and Old El Paso an appealing choice for consumers. Confident scratch cookers looking to try new and different foods in a convenient way reach for Old El Paso components, while less assured cooks tend to look for full meal solutions, using the kits to improve their skills and grow confidence. Consumers love that with Mexican, you can build the meal around personal preference with this sort of customisation.

The latest campaign ‘Make Some Noise’ celebrates how good food can bring us all together. The campaign aims to get more people to share in the vibrancy and culinary inspiration that Mexican food can provide by turning Fridays into ‘Fajita Fridays’. Mexican can be enjoyed right through the week with Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday and beyond using the wide range of easy to use Old El Paso kits, carriers, seasonings and more.

  1. Erin

The Erin soup range includes Simmer soups, Hotcups and Condensed soups and are available in a wide variety of flavours

Erin soups have been at the heart of mealtimes across Ireland since 1963. A much-loved Irish brand, Erin soup recipes capture the rich delicious taste of quality ingredients, every time.

Perfected over almost 60 years, the range includes Simmer soups, Hotcups and Condensed soups and are available in a wide variety of flavours – from traditional Irish favourites like Oxtail and Country Vegetable to delicious Cream of Chicken and Potato & Leek. New to the range, Erin Soup favourites are now available in a Gluten Free range.

Whether it’s a hot pick-me-up on a cold winter’s day, or an ingredient that’s used to create family favourites like hearty casseroles or creamy pasta bakes, Erin soups are bursting with savoury flavour and aromas.

  1. Schwartz

  2. Ben’s Original

  3. Premier Dairies

  4. Pepsi








  1. Weetabix

  2. Walkers

  3. Tuc / Lu

  4. Odlums

  5. Cully & Sully

Cully & Sully remains fully committed to providing tasty and convenient food with good ingredients

Cully & Sully has expressed “a SOUPer thank you” to all its customers, as the brand is delighted to be included within Kantar’s most-chosen brands for 2023.

The Cully & Sully brand turns 20 in 2024, and the team says it is “honoured that our customers are still choosing us”.

Cully & Sully remains as committed as ever to bringing the nation tasty and convenient food with good ingredients. This can clearly be seen its latest launch, Rocking Risottos. The range offers a Charming Chicken, Moreish Mushroom and Tempting Tomato risotto that are all naturally gluten free and have less than 1% saturated fat. They are the perfect hunger buster for one or can be used as a delicious base to serve a dinner to share. They’re also superb topped with some parmesan cheese and a good glug of olive oil. Cully (the cook) has been really busy in the kitchen cooking up lots of serving suggestions for the risottos which have all been shared at www.cullyandsully.com/rockingrisottos.

Passionate about sharing a love of good food, Cully & Sully has lots more cooking tips and tricks available on social media. Its newsletter ‘What’s SOUPer this season’ also keeps subscribers up to date on all its adventures, seasonal recipes and fantastic competitions.

Doing good is also a big cornerstone of the business, especially since Cully & Sully became the first Irish food brand to become BCorp certified in 2020. “We are proud sponsors of Clean Coasts’ Big Beach Clean which see’s hundreds of clean ups across Irelands waterways and coastlines in September,” say Cully & Sully. “As watersports enthusiasts, protecting the ocean is very close to our hearts and we love to see people respecting and enjoying the water. That’s why we are running a SOUPer Summer campaign this summer, giving away stand-up paddle boards.”

Check out Cully & Sully’s social media to be in with a chance to win.

You can sign up to Cully & Sully‘s monthly newsletter on its website: www.cullyandsully.com.




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