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Think meals, think Maggi

Maggi is providing Irish families with a tasty twist on their favourite meals with its new range of Maggi So Crispy products, available in three flavours

Apr 12 2012

MaggiFollowing on from the successful launch of Maggi So Juicy last year with a range of seven cook-in-the-bag recipe meal solutions, Nestlé has expanded its variety of recipe mix offerings. New to the market is its range of Maggi So Crispy products which come in three crispy crumb flavours; Herb & Garlic Chicken, Chilli Chicken and Lemon & Herb Chicken. This comprehensive range provides a tasty twist on family meal favourites and contains no artificial colours or flavours. Maggi is being supported on TV throughout 2012. The first TV campaign was aired in February with a new campaign to support the Maggi So Crispy range airing in May.

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