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New Year’s resolutions

The CSNA provides some important advice on how retailers can save money in the current worrying economic climate

Feb 17 2012

Save money in 2012 with these simple initiatives

Save money in 2012 with these simple initiatives

To try to make 2012 less financially worrying than the past few years have been, consider the following actions to save your business money.
1. Review your insurance policy – Don’t keep delaying getting a range of quotes in plenty of time before renewal – the CSNA has an excellent relationship with RSA through The Insurance Shop. The policy includes the unique DAS legal expense cover, a must for every member in these days of costly legal defence fees.  
2. Review your contracts of employment – Every employee is entitled to a contract but they are also a very clear way to prove to NERA, Labour Court officials and employees exactly what was agreed in the event of a dispute.  
3. Get a waste audit done - Most businesses have suffered significant drops in their turnover. Repak charges two different rates for business. The CSNA has a measuring device that translates your turnover by department into weight and can certify your correct bracket (over 10 tonnes, under 10 tonnes, over 25 tonnes etc) please consider having this waste audit done, allowing you savings of over €300 per year. Contact the office for more details. 
4. Reduce your energy bills - One of your biggest headaches as retailers is meeting the cost of our energy bills. Did you know that the CSNA can provide you with a very inexpensive solution to ensure, on a monthly basis, that you are getting the very best value for every euro spent on energy? Contact the office for more details.

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