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Aug 2 2014


Reading the news
Paul Henderson, managing director of Associated Newspapers Ireland talks to Fionnuala Carolan about the newspaper industry and gives his take on why the Irish are still so fond of their daily paper
Published: 19/10/2012

Libby Keeling joins board at FMI

Published: 19/09/2012

Stoney resolve
Although 2010 was the worst year Charley Stoney had ever experienced in business, FMI’s dynamic managing director, sees plenty of opportunity ahead.
Published: 18/01/2011

10 Questions with....Conor Kilduff
Conor Kilduff, MD of Unilever, Ireland, discusses changes in consumer behaviour, a new competitive marketplace and Unilever’s large sustainability drive.
Published: 22/11/2010

Investing in the positive
At the Barry Group conference in Wicklow last month Fionnuala Carolan caught up with Jim Barry to find out the secret behind his continuously growing business
Published: 15/10/2010

Ten questions with…..Shane Dempsey
Shane Dempsey of Food and Drink Industry Ireland speaks to ShelfLife about the grocery code of practice, food labelling and that very contentious Eurostat survey
Published: 16/08/2010

Pointing the way forward
Barry Dignam, head of sales & marketing, PostPoint, speaks to ShelfLife about the company’s retail-focused strategy for the coming year.
Published: 17/06/2010

A new radical
His radical vision for Irish food retailing is starting to sound less radical to the mainstream. Peter Ward talked to ShelfLife about why he believes there is a better way
Published: 13/10/2009

Leading the team
ADM Londis’ new commercial director Peter Foley tells ShelfLife why he’s happy to be leading his team through the challenges
Published: 08/07/2009

In defence of value
There’s no such thing as good cheap food. Glanbia’s Consumer Foods chief says re-educating the Irish about real value for money is key for the future
Published: 20/04/2009

Supermarket Man
His was a chain of only 24 shops operating in a country with only four million people, but under his tenure it ranked number 20 in the world for sales per square foot and inspired the heads of international retail giants
Published: 11/03/2009

On the Pig’s Back
Pig's Back says it's here to fight back for brands and these days they could do with a little fighting talk. Creator Michael Dwyer talks tough to ShelfLife
Published: 11/02/2009

A saucy gentleman
He’s been an unlikely punk rocker, the face of Masterchef and one of the best-known voices on television. ShelfLife talks sauce with Loyd Grossman
Published: 10/11/2008

Jack Teeling
Favourite drink? Greenore Single Grain Irish Whiskey...
Published: 22/08/2008

Write up my street with Londis
The traditional Irish community seems to be slipping away, according to 73% of Irish people, but Londis finds a way to fit community spirit into the offering
Published: 19/05/2008

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