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Jul 23 2014


Feel free!
Food producers are tapping into the needs of consumers who have made a lifestyle choice to eat foods that are free of gluten, wheat and even dairy. This has presented a huge opportunity for retailers to increase sales in a relatively new category
Published: 12/06/2014

Snack box
Ireland is a nation of snackers. On average we snack 2.55 times per day, with young adults (16 - 24 year-olds) being the highest snackers at over three times a day, according to the latest Bord Bia research. It's a lucrative business considering we spend an average of €2.13 per snack, writes Gillian Hamill
Published: 12/06/2014

Pet scan
With many pets taking pride of place as treasured members of Irish families, it's not surprising that many pet owners are highly loyal to their preferred brand. In fact, if a particular product is not available, 73% of pet owners will leave a store without purchasing an alternative. This is an apt demonstration of the importance of ensuring you consistently stock up on the category bestsellers, writes Gillian Hamill
Published: 11/06/2014

Connecting with customers
When it comes to appealing to a FMCG brand's target audience, hitting the bullseye across myriad channels is a near-impossible task which effective PR and marketing companies can make seem easy due to their savvy market know-how
Published: 20/05/2014

A bevvy of brands
Summer is in sight and there are numerous events ahead of us including the Soccer World Cup in Brazil and a host of Irish summer festivals. Having the right drinks brands on your shelves, highlighting timely consumer promotions, could make or break your season. ShelfLife has a look at which brands are going to be the big sellers in the months ahead
Published: 15/05/2014

Sparking up sales
Last year's heatwave showed the extent to which a burst of good weather in this country can really boost sales - helping overall grocery sales rise by 1.5%, according to Kantar Woldpanel data. With our infamous unpredictable weather, it's important to be well-stocked at all times with ‘al fresco' bestsellers to capitalise on impromptu barbecues and parties, writes Gillian Hamill
Published: 15/05/2014

Targeting the correct sales channel
Building a relationship with a professional distribution and marketing agency can make your business more efficient and keep you informed of key promotions in order to stay competitive and drive sales
Published: 22/04/2014

The soft sell
Impulse purchasing is a major driver within soft drinks, meaning brands constantly need to copper-fasten their USPs within consumers' minds. Thankfully, the category leaders have more than stepped up to the mark with new flavour innovations, engaging on-pack promotions and tempting price-marked packs. Gillian Hamill reports
Published: 22/04/2014

A major scoop!
Currently worth €109 million, Ireland's ice cream category is thriving, despite a pronounced lack of scorchingly sunny days. In fact, Ireland is actually the third biggest consumer of ice cream in Europe, with both the impulse and take-home sectors performing well. Employing effective point of sale materials and merchandising this summer can entice your customers to cool down with an ‘affordable luxury' treat, writes Gillian Hamill
Published: 17/04/2014

Keep on running
A number of clever food solutions have been created for time-pressed consumers, allowing retailers to grow their food on the go offering and giving the consumer increased choice, especially at lunchtimes
Published: 17/04/2014

Sweet disposition
Currently worth €100 million, Ireland's sugar confectionery market is growing by 1.5% year-on-year. New brand extensions are reinvigorating interest in a category which has always been a sweet earner for retailers, writes Gillian Hamill
Published: 17/04/2014

A fine craft
The number of pubs specialising in craft beers that have exploded onto the Irish scene over the past few years, shows craft beers are truly representing the current zeitgeist. This is perhaps not surprising given the number of key consumer trends they fulfil; not only are they helping support Irish and local jobs, but they taste superb. Gillian Hamill reports on the breweries shaking up Ireland's beer scene
Published: 16/04/2014

A real Egg-stravaganza
After Christmas, Easter is a major sales occasion for retailers. Data from 2013 clearly shows increased innovation paid off, with the number of Irish households that bought from the Easter category up by 5.4% on 2012. During this key period, it's important to cover all your bases and ensure you carry the top brands within each market segment, writes Gillian Hamill
Published: 13/03/2014

Baby love
With Ireland's birth rate continuing to come out on top within the EU, this is encouraging news for the baby category where a demand for ‘natural' products - both in terms of food and toiletries - is a top parental concern which is driving value sales, writes Gillian Hamil
Published: 13/03/2014

Despite facing increased competition from the private-label sector, double digit growth is still occurring for successful brands within the dairy category. Gillian Hamill outlines some of the latest innovations taking place
Published: 13/03/2014

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