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Aug 2 2014


Forging a sustainable path
Through its Origin Green programme, Bord Bia has announced an ambitious goal to have all Irish food and drink exports certified as on the road to sustainability by 2016. ShelfLife attended the organisation’s recent Global Sustainability Conference to learn more about why such an initiative is necessary and the challenges it will entail
Published: 16/10/2013

Bord Bía highlights opportunities for growth
Bord Bía's recent Small Business Open Day revealed Ireland's best performing category in terms of growth is ‘pickles, table sauces and condiments' (+10.3%), followed by fresh fish (+9.7%)
Published: 19/02/2013

FSAI cautions on purchasing meat from unapproved source
After the reported theft of a consignment of meat, the FSAI has alerted consumers and businesses to the risks of buying meat from unapproved sources
Published: 13/06/2012

New research shows that white bread is good for you
White bread is a low-fat, good value food that provides significant amounts of fibre, and as much calcium, iron and folic acid as brown bread, says IUNA
Published: 13/06/2012

Superquinn launches steak and wine sale
Superquinn is currently offering customers savings of up to 33% on steak, on top of further savings on selected wines
Published: 13/06/2012

Truly Irish wins top prize at JFC Awards
With listings in all major Irish retailers and its sights now set on the UK, the Truly Irish label has proved a huge success for pig farmers here
Published: 13/06/2012

Defra shines new light on illegal cage eggs
By examining the marks on egg shells under a UV lamp, government inspectors in the UK can tell whether or not they were laid in illegal battery cages
Published: 15/05/2012

Greencore buys US food company for $36m
The US frozen and fresh food-to-go producer, MarketFare, has been snapped up by Greencore for a multi-million price tag
Published: 15/05/2012

Lamb consumption on the rise
Lamb consumption figures have leapt up by 4% over the past year
Published: 15/05/2012

Aldi to source all its milk from Irish suppliers
Galway-based Arrabawn Dairies will supply all the milk for Aldi's 75 Irish stores
Published: 17/04/2012

Keelings presents first strawberries of the season
Keelings is delighted to highlight the first Irish strawberries of 2012
Published: 17/04/2012

FSAI reports 13% increase in food complaints in 2011

Published: 13/03/2012

Benefits of Bord Bia Quality Mark
At a recent industry briefing, Bord Bia explained why the Quality Mark is the most comprehensive tool for consumers to gauge that a product is produced in the ROI
Published: 14/02/2012

Calories set to appear on Irish menus
Health Minister Dr James Reilly believes putting calories on menus has proved effective elsewhere in battling obesity and wants Ireland to adopt the measure
Published: 14/02/2012

John West aims to be top seafood brand within four years
Since 2006, John West has risen from a ranking of 125 in the top Irish brands to number 36 this year, and now aims to be our top seafood brand within four years
Published: 18/11/2011

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