Tesco strike continues as talks are mooted

A payroll error has led to Tesco workers being short-paid to the tune of almost £10m

Five more Tesco stores has taken up strike action over the store's plans to change employee contracts



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17 February 2017 | 0

Five Tesco stores in Dublin and elsewhere have joined the strike action intitiated earlier this week by staff protesting over changes to employee contracts. The shops in Ballina, Artane, Ballybrack, Blanchardstown and Monaghan will join the initial nine stores in a bid to force the company to revise its strategy over new contracts.

Secretary general of trade union Mandate told the Irish Independent the solution is simple. “Tesco should comit that they will not change any workers terms and conditions at work without agreement,” he said. Douglas also said that the company’s management was prioritising the renumeration of shareholders over workers, before critising Tesco’s decision not to publish specific figures for profits made in Ireland.

Meanwhile, Tesco has agreed in principle to meet with Mandate to discuss the issue; a meeting is expected to be set in the coming days. Before that, several more stores are set to vote on whether or not to join the strike action this Monday.


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